Saturday, March 09, 2013

New Moon in Aquarius, Retrograde Mercury with Neptune

The New Moon is on Monday, March 11, @ 27 deg. Aquarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Falguna, which is usually a good month for Beginnings, Ceremonies, Making Promises, Diplomacy. This lunar month carries with it the energy of Venus, which is close by the New Moon. Venus makes the month's energies more conducive to Harmony and Agreement. However, Venus itself is suffering due to being too close to the Sun (combust), so we can't count on it too much.
Mercury Conjunct Neptune: still Retrograde until March 17, Mercury will be within 2 degrees of Neptune by the end of the week. The planet of Rational Thinking, Making Decisions, Communications, Transactions, etc. is already compromised by being "backwards" in the Heavens. This week it comes close to Neptune, the planet of Dreams  and Illusions. Could be good for Imagination, but just as easily shows up as Delusional Fantasy, Confusion, etc. Thus the energy of Mercury is not to be trusted for the next two weeks, until Mercury goes direct and puts some distance between itself and Neptune.
Mars Approaching Uranus: The planet of Action and Violence will be within 4 degrees of the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events by the end of the week (see details in previous post).


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