Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mercury goes Direct, Venus enters Pisces, Mars conjunct Uranus

Mercury ends its retrograde period on Sunday, March 17, @ 11 deg. Aquarius. Mercury will now resume normal forward motion in the zodiac. While "turning around" Mercury will appear to hang motionless in the Heavens on Sunday and Monday. The "Stationary" condition is considered Powerful, but Not Normal. Additionally, Mercury will be stationary while less than 2 degrees from Neptune. This combination brings potential for Problems, due to the planet of Rational Thinking having to combine with the planet of Dreams and the Irrational. The result is likely to be some Confusion about which way to proceed. As the planet begins to return to normal progress in the zodiac,  Mercury will slowly pull away from Neptune over the next couple of weeks.
Venus enters Pisces on Sunday, March 17. The planet of Harmony and Agreement enters its sign of Exaltation for 3-1/2 weeks, until April 10. Normally this would be good. But Venus is now deeply combust, less than 3 degrees from the Sun, which damages some of its significations. Also Venus now is in the same sign as Mars and Uranus, which increases the potential for Venus significations to suffer. Mars the planet of Aggression and Combat destroys Venus's ability to find Harmony. The Venus signification of Finance will also suffer. The two gender planets, Mars and Venus, together = Passion. Now include the planet of Rebellion, Uranus. Not much hope for the US congress coming to agreement over the budget, or for any other kinds of agreements over the coming weeks.
Mars is exactly conjunct Uranus on Friday, March 22,@ 14 deg. Pisces. The planet of Violence + the planet of Sudden Events is not good for calm and stability. There is a strong potential for Unexpected, probably Violent, events this week. Mars also casts an 8th house / 210 degree aspect ahead of its position in the zodiac. Thus Mars is aspecting Saturn, which lies 8 signs ahead of Mars in Libra. The aspect will be 2 degrees from exact this week. Saturn is the planet of Stability and The Established Order. This aspect increases the likelihood of some threatening events during the coming week.


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