Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mars Combust, Mars conjunct Venus in Pisces

This week Mars is less than 5 deg from Sun, which is catching up to Mars a little each day. The exact conjunction won't  be until April 17 after both have entered Aries. Mars and Sun are both fiery planets; both forceful. Thus the energy pattern encourages exercises of Power. The bellicose pronouncements coming out of North Korea, and the response of the USA, are one obvious example. Since Mars is Combust, some of the material manifestations of Mars can suffer: Military, Police, Livestock, Lands, etc.
Venus and Mars will be exactly conjunct on Saturday, April 6, @ 25 deg. Pisces. Venus moves faster than Mars and catches up to Mars this week. Mars and Venus are the two gender planets; their conjunction leads to Excitement, and Passion. But Mars is the stronger of the two, and can damage Venus's significations. It doesn't help that Venus is still combust, i.e., "burnt up" by being too close to the Sun (see previous posts). Thus, this week two natural malefics (planets capable of doing harm) are overwhelming Venus. Harmony and Agreement is more difficult to acheive. Other significations of Venus, such as Celebrities, Advisors and Pundits, and the Financial Sector, are likely to suffer.


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