Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mars Combust, Mars conjunct Venus in Pisces

This week Mars is less than 5 deg from Sun, which is catching up to Mars a little each day. The exact conjunction won't  be until April 17 after both have entered Aries. Mars and Sun are both fiery planets; both forceful. Thus the energy pattern encourages exercises of Power. The bellicose pronouncements coming out of North Korea, and the response of the USA, are one obvious example. Since Mars is Combust, some of the material manifestations of Mars can suffer: Military, Police, Livestock, Lands, etc.
Venus and Mars will be exactly conjunct on Saturday, April 6, @ 25 deg. Pisces. Venus moves faster than Mars and catches up to Mars this week. Mars and Venus are the two gender planets; their conjunction leads to Excitement, and Passion. But Mars is the stronger of the two, and can damage Venus's significations. It doesn't help that Venus is still combust, i.e., "burnt up" by being too close to the Sun (see previous posts). Thus, this week two natural malefics (planets capable of doing harm) are overwhelming Venus. Harmony and Agreement is more difficult to acheive. Other significations of Venus, such as Celebrities, Advisors and Pundits, and the Financial Sector, are likely to suffer.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Full Moon in Virgo, Venus conjunct Uranus

The Full Moon is on Wednesday, March 27, @ 12 deg. Virgo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Falguna. This year the Full Moon is not in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra, but rather in Hasta nakshatra. Therefore the month takes on more of the nature of Hasta, a lunar sign very much associated with Fate.
This Full Moon will be directly opposite the conjunction of planets in Pisces. Mars, Venus, and Uranus (and the Sun) are all closely conjunct in the middle of Pisces. It is a rather combustible combination, with Venus receiving the short end of the stick; Venus is overwhelmed by three "natural malefics." The significations of Venus shall suffer this week.
Venus is exactly conjunct Sun and Uranus, @ 14 deg. Pisces, on Thursday and Friday. Venus is completely Combust, i.e., Burnt Up, as well as being conjunct Uranus, the planet of Sudden, Unexpected Events. Material significations of Venus, i.e., Finance, Value, Money, etc., are especially at risk. Planet of Action Mars is only 5 degrees away, and adds the quality of Crisis to the combination. The Cyprus situation is the obvious manifestation of this planetary pattern. The Financial Sector will be quite volatile.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mercury goes Direct, Venus enters Pisces, Mars conjunct Uranus

Mercury ends its retrograde period on Sunday, March 17, @ 11 deg. Aquarius. Mercury will now resume normal forward motion in the zodiac. While "turning around" Mercury will appear to hang motionless in the Heavens on Sunday and Monday. The "Stationary" condition is considered Powerful, but Not Normal. Additionally, Mercury will be stationary while less than 2 degrees from Neptune. This combination brings potential for Problems, due to the planet of Rational Thinking having to combine with the planet of Dreams and the Irrational. The result is likely to be some Confusion about which way to proceed. As the planet begins to return to normal progress in the zodiac,  Mercury will slowly pull away from Neptune over the next couple of weeks.
Venus enters Pisces on Sunday, March 17. The planet of Harmony and Agreement enters its sign of Exaltation for 3-1/2 weeks, until April 10. Normally this would be good. But Venus is now deeply combust, less than 3 degrees from the Sun, which damages some of its significations. Also Venus now is in the same sign as Mars and Uranus, which increases the potential for Venus significations to suffer. Mars the planet of Aggression and Combat destroys Venus's ability to find Harmony. The Venus signification of Finance will also suffer. The two gender planets, Mars and Venus, together = Passion. Now include the planet of Rebellion, Uranus. Not much hope for the US congress coming to agreement over the budget, or for any other kinds of agreements over the coming weeks.
Mars is exactly conjunct Uranus on Friday, March 22,@ 14 deg. Pisces. The planet of Violence + the planet of Sudden Events is not good for calm and stability. There is a strong potential for Unexpected, probably Violent, events this week. Mars also casts an 8th house / 210 degree aspect ahead of its position in the zodiac. Thus Mars is aspecting Saturn, which lies 8 signs ahead of Mars in Libra. The aspect will be 2 degrees from exact this week. Saturn is the planet of Stability and The Established Order. This aspect increases the likelihood of some threatening events during the coming week.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

New Moon in Aquarius, Retrograde Mercury with Neptune

The New Moon is on Monday, March 11, @ 27 deg. Aquarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Falguna, which is usually a good month for Beginnings, Ceremonies, Making Promises, Diplomacy. This lunar month carries with it the energy of Venus, which is close by the New Moon. Venus makes the month's energies more conducive to Harmony and Agreement. However, Venus itself is suffering due to being too close to the Sun (combust), so we can't count on it too much.
Mercury Conjunct Neptune: still Retrograde until March 17, Mercury will be within 2 degrees of Neptune by the end of the week. The planet of Rational Thinking, Making Decisions, Communications, Transactions, etc. is already compromised by being "backwards" in the Heavens. This week it comes close to Neptune, the planet of Dreams  and Illusions. Could be good for Imagination, but just as easily shows up as Delusional Fantasy, Confusion, etc. Thus the energy of Mercury is not to be trusted for the next two weeks, until Mercury goes direct and puts some distance between itself and Neptune.
Mars Approaching Uranus: The planet of Action and Violence will be within 4 degrees of the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events by the end of the week (see details in previous post).

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mars Enters Pisces, Venus conjunct Mercury

Mars enters Pisces on Monday, March 4. The planet of Action, Attack, War, and Destruction leaves Aquarius and will no longer be afflicting the three Natural Benefics: Mercury and Venus (via conjunction) and Jupiter (via square aspect). Thus the coming week signals some improvement in the overall planetary pattern. However, now Mars is approaching Uranus, which is hanging out in the middle of Pisces. Mars + Uranus is potentially Explosive. It's the planet of Action + the planet of Unexpected Events; the planet of Aggression + the planet of Rebellion. In the chart of the USA, Pisces is the 4th house: the Country's Lands, and the Opposition Party (i.e., Republicans). The combination of transiting Mars + Uranus in the USA's 4th house indicates upcoming Intense Events, such as Violent Weather, involving the country's lands. We can also anticipate further disruption within the GOP, as more Republicans realize the necessity of changing their stance on matters needing action in Congress. The exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus will be March 22.
Venus is conjunct Retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, March 6, @ 17 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Harmony and Agreement combines with the planet of Consensus this week. Since Mercury is Retrograde, the topics and decisions will more likely deal with Past Business. Since Mars will no longer be in  Aquarius, Venus and Mercury are free to cooperate with each other. Therefore the coming week promises some progress in finding compromise in areas that have needed some resolution.