Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturn goes Retrograde, Venus enters Aquarius, Mercury goes Retrograde

Saturn enters its retrograde phase on Monday, February 18, @ 17 deg. Libra. The planet of Structure, Delay, Responsibility, Restriction, etc. will appear to be moving "backwards" in the zodiac for the nearly 5 months, until July 8. Being one of the "natural malefics," Saturn becomes more problematic when retrograde, especially when it gets involved with other planetary patterns either in the Heavens or by transit to natal chart positions. Retrograde Saturn "digs in its heels" and Resists Any Change. Presently there are 5 planets in Saturn's signs: Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Neptune. Thus Saturn is the dispositor of several celestial factors, and its retrograde condition will be detrimental for any progress to be made in areas of life signified by these planets.
Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, February 20. The planet of Love, Beauty, Relationship, Value, Money, Guidance, Pleasures, etc., will be in the sign of the Social Revolutionary for nearly four weeks. This would normally be good for those devoted to changing society. But the problem is that the ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, is retrograde, and will hold up the works. Thus the progressives will have to wait for a more auspicious time to promote their agenda.
Another problem is that Venus must combine its energies with Mars, planet of Aggression and Destruction. Yet another problem is that Venus is about to become Combust, i.e., so close to the Sun that we can't see it anymore. When we can't see the planet of Guidance we are "without guidance." When we can't see the planet of Value it is hard to determine the correct Value of anything. Thus Venus's entry into Aquarius will be detrimental for Venus significations. 
Mercury turns Retrograde on Saturday, February 23, @ 25 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communication, the Media, Data & Information, Equipment, etc. will be "backwards" in the Heavens for the next three weeks, until March 17. The significations of Mercury are not to be trusted: Communications get Delayed or Misunderstood, Everyday Operations Run into Problems, Equipment Malfunctions (Computers! Cell Phones!) occur more than usual. This Mercury retrograde period will be especially problematic due to the influence of Mars, which is barely 3 degrees away from Mercury when it goes retrograde. Mars distorts the energy of Mercury, making Mistakes More Likely.


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