Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Mars Conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars

A three-way conjunction is in progress this week:
Mars is exactly conjunct Neptune on Monday, February 4, @ 8 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Actions and Force is together with the planet of Dreams and Illusions in the sign of Social Idealism. As always, the energy pattern is available to Everyone, i.e., social idealists believing in Gun Ownership get as much of a boost as Gun Control advocates (since Mars is Weapons, the gun control issue continues to be Irrational for all this week).
Mercury is exactly conjunct Neptune on Wednesday, February 6, @ 8 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Rational Thinking is together with the planet of the Irrational this week, again in the sign of Social Idealism. This helps to make any discussion Unreasonable. On the positive side, Mercury + Neptune can be good for Creative Imagination= potential for some New Ideas, tho' likely to be impractical.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Mars on Friday, February 8, @ 11 deg. Aquarius. The faster-moving Mercury catches up to Mars at the end of the week. Mercury is the planet of Diplomacy and Consensus; Mars is the planet of Aggression and War. In this combination Mercury is the loser.
Thus: this week is Not Favorable for Negotiations, Thinking Clearly, or Making Decisions. The significations of Mercury are thoroughly hammered. Careful re Hasty Decisions, Impulse, Making Mistakes, etc. More likely the case if you have planets in Aquarius, or opposite in Leo, in your personal chart. In the chart of the USA, the Mercury-Mars-Neptune combination is conjunct the USA natal Moon, in the 3rd house of Communications and the Media, indicating a Lively, Combative, and Misleading discussion by talking heads this week.


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