Saturday, February 23, 2013

Full Moon, Mercury Conjunct Mars, Venus Conjunct Neptune

The Full Moon will be Monday, February 25, @ 13 deg. Leo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month Magha. This full Moon (and continuing on Tuesday, the day after) will form a strong energy pattern, because the Moon in Leo will be opposing the "train wreck" of planets on the opposite side of the zodiac. Venus, Neptune, Mars, and retrograde Mercury, all in Aquarius, be energized by the light of the Full Moon, creating strong likelihood for Events.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Mars @ 25 deg. Aquarius on Tuesday, February 26. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Information, Transportation, Equipment, etc., is now Retrograde (see previous post), and now in conjunction with its "enemy" Mars. The planet of Attack + the planet of the Media = more Nasty Stories in the Media. The planet of Information + the planet of Destruction = More Bad News, Negative Reports, etc. The planet of Communications, now "backwards" + planet of Anger = Strong Reactions, Defensiveness, etc. The planet of Rational Thinking gets Distorted by the planet of Impatience. Overall, it is not a good week to be making decisions, or doing anything of importance.
Venus is exactly conjunct Neptune on Thursday, February 28, @ 9 deg Aquarius. Venus represents Value  (Prices, etc.) and Neptune is the planet of Dreams and Imagination. Neptune at its worst is Deception. Therefore it is not a favorable time to be calculating the Value of anything. Venus is also Combust (too close to the Sun) which makes the Worth of anything even harder to determine. Add to this the fact that Mercury, planet of Business Transactions, is Retrograde, and we get a week where Making Purchases is Not Recommended.


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