Saturday, February 23, 2013

Full Moon, Mercury Conjunct Mars, Venus Conjunct Neptune

The Full Moon will be Monday, February 25, @ 13 deg. Leo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month Magha. This full Moon (and continuing on Tuesday, the day after) will form a strong energy pattern, because the Moon in Leo will be opposing the "train wreck" of planets on the opposite side of the zodiac. Venus, Neptune, Mars, and retrograde Mercury, all in Aquarius, be energized by the light of the Full Moon, creating strong likelihood for Events.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Mars @ 25 deg. Aquarius on Tuesday, February 26. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Information, Transportation, Equipment, etc., is now Retrograde (see previous post), and now in conjunction with its "enemy" Mars. The planet of Attack + the planet of the Media = more Nasty Stories in the Media. The planet of Information + the planet of Destruction = More Bad News, Negative Reports, etc. The planet of Communications, now "backwards" + planet of Anger = Strong Reactions, Defensiveness, etc. The planet of Rational Thinking gets Distorted by the planet of Impatience. Overall, it is not a good week to be making decisions, or doing anything of importance.
Venus is exactly conjunct Neptune on Thursday, February 28, @ 9 deg Aquarius. Venus represents Value  (Prices, etc.) and Neptune is the planet of Dreams and Imagination. Neptune at its worst is Deception. Therefore it is not a favorable time to be calculating the Value of anything. Venus is also Combust (too close to the Sun) which makes the Worth of anything even harder to determine. Add to this the fact that Mercury, planet of Business Transactions, is Retrograde, and we get a week where Making Purchases is Not Recommended.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturn goes Retrograde, Venus enters Aquarius, Mercury goes Retrograde

Saturn enters its retrograde phase on Monday, February 18, @ 17 deg. Libra. The planet of Structure, Delay, Responsibility, Restriction, etc. will appear to be moving "backwards" in the zodiac for the nearly 5 months, until July 8. Being one of the "natural malefics," Saturn becomes more problematic when retrograde, especially when it gets involved with other planetary patterns either in the Heavens or by transit to natal chart positions. Retrograde Saturn "digs in its heels" and Resists Any Change. Presently there are 5 planets in Saturn's signs: Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Neptune. Thus Saturn is the dispositor of several celestial factors, and its retrograde condition will be detrimental for any progress to be made in areas of life signified by these planets.
Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, February 20. The planet of Love, Beauty, Relationship, Value, Money, Guidance, Pleasures, etc., will be in the sign of the Social Revolutionary for nearly four weeks. This would normally be good for those devoted to changing society. But the problem is that the ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, is retrograde, and will hold up the works. Thus the progressives will have to wait for a more auspicious time to promote their agenda.
Another problem is that Venus must combine its energies with Mars, planet of Aggression and Destruction. Yet another problem is that Venus is about to become Combust, i.e., so close to the Sun that we can't see it anymore. When we can't see the planet of Guidance we are "without guidance." When we can't see the planet of Value it is hard to determine the correct Value of anything. Thus Venus's entry into Aquarius will be detrimental for Venus significations. 
Mercury turns Retrograde on Saturday, February 23, @ 25 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communication, the Media, Data & Information, Equipment, etc. will be "backwards" in the Heavens for the next three weeks, until March 17. The significations of Mercury are not to be trusted: Communications get Delayed or Misunderstood, Everyday Operations Run into Problems, Equipment Malfunctions (Computers! Cell Phones!) occur more than usual. This Mercury retrograde period will be especially problematic due to the influence of Mars, which is barely 3 degrees away from Mercury when it goes retrograde. Mars distorts the energy of Mercury, making Mistakes More Likely.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

New Moon in Capricorn, Year of the Snake, Mars Square Jupiter

The New Moon will be on Sunday, February 10 @ 27 deg. Capricorn (Midnight on Saturday for Pacific Coast). This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Magha, named for the lunar sign associated with Kings and Rulers. The energy of the month is appropriate for dealing with and asking favor from Authorities, the Government, your Boss, etc.
The New Moon will be exactly at the mid-point of the Rahu-Ketu axis, i.e., Square to the Nodes. This is a celestial pattern known to cause Tension and Stress. Since the birth of the month has this defect, achieving results during the next four weeks will be a stressful process.
This New Moon also marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Snake. The snake first wraps itself around you before looking you in the face. Thus the year of the Snake is known for Getting Involved In Something Before You Find Out What the Agenda Is.
Mars is exactly Square to Jupiter today, Saturday, February 9. The planet of Attack has been in an inimical aspect to the planet of Hope, Faith, and Law all week, and continues to pressure Jupiter this coming week. Jupiter is Banks and Bonds, which have been suffering lately. Judges and Judgments are similarly "under attack."
Mars and Mercury are still in close proximity this coming week. Mercury and Mars were conjunct on Feb. 8, and will still be together for the rest of the month because Mercury is slowing down due to approaching its retrograde phase (starts Feb. 23).  This prevents faster-moving Mercury from pulling away from Mars. Thus the planet of Data and Information, Rational Thinking, Discussion, Consensus, etc. continues to suffer from the energy of the planet of Aggression, Impatience, Attack, etc. (See previous post).

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Mars Conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars

A three-way conjunction is in progress this week:
Mars is exactly conjunct Neptune on Monday, February 4, @ 8 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Actions and Force is together with the planet of Dreams and Illusions in the sign of Social Idealism. As always, the energy pattern is available to Everyone, i.e., social idealists believing in Gun Ownership get as much of a boost as Gun Control advocates (since Mars is Weapons, the gun control issue continues to be Irrational for all this week).
Mercury is exactly conjunct Neptune on Wednesday, February 6, @ 8 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Rational Thinking is together with the planet of the Irrational this week, again in the sign of Social Idealism. This helps to make any discussion Unreasonable. On the positive side, Mercury + Neptune can be good for Creative Imagination= potential for some New Ideas, tho' likely to be impractical.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Mars on Friday, February 8, @ 11 deg. Aquarius. The faster-moving Mercury catches up to Mars at the end of the week. Mercury is the planet of Diplomacy and Consensus; Mars is the planet of Aggression and War. In this combination Mercury is the loser.
Thus: this week is Not Favorable for Negotiations, Thinking Clearly, or Making Decisions. The significations of Mercury are thoroughly hammered. Careful re Hasty Decisions, Impulse, Making Mistakes, etc. More likely the case if you have planets in Aquarius, or opposite in Leo, in your personal chart. In the chart of the USA, the Mercury-Mars-Neptune combination is conjunct the USA natal Moon, in the 3rd house of Communications and the Media, indicating a Lively, Combative, and Misleading discussion by talking heads this week.