Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full Moon in Cancer, Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius, Jupiter goes Direct

The Full Moon is on Saturday, January 26, @ 13 deg. Cancer. The energy of the Hindu lunar month of Paushya comes to its culmination. The lunar month takes on the qualities of  the nakshatra of the full Moon, Pushyami, considered the most auspicious sign of the lunar zodiac.
Venus enters Capricorn on Monday, January 28. The planet of Values, Finance, Art, Creativity, Romance, etc., will now be in the Practical, Goal-oriented sign of Saturn. Venus will also be in a Parivatana Yoga (exchange of sign rulers) with Saturn, which itself is transiting in Venus's sign Libra. The relationship between Venus and Saturn is mostly beneficial over the coming weeks, reinforcing Realistic Values. Venus will be in Capricorn until February 20.
Jupiter goes Direct on Wednesday, January 30. The planet of Wisdom, Opportunity, Hope and Prosperity has been retrograde since last October. Jupiter, now @ 12 deg. Taurus,  resumes normal forward motion in the zodiac this week. The significations of Jupiter gradually improve over the coming month. Jupiter remains in Taurus through May.
Mercury enters Aquarius on Friday, February 1. The planet of Rational Thinking, Ideas, Data and Information, enters the sign of Social Revolution. Mercury joins up with Mars and Neptune already transiting in Aquarius. Forceful Mars tends to distort the significations of Rational Mercury. Neptune the planet of Dreams also distorts the rational quality of Mercury. Thus the significations of Mercury will suffer in February. The result is Reasons (Mercury) influenced by Dreams (Neptune) of a Better World (Aquarius)  backed up by Violent Action (Mars). Recent events in Egypt will be mirrored elsewhere in the world by frustrated revolutionaries. Due to turning retrograde in a few weeks, Mercury will be remaining in Aquarius until April.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mars enters Aquarius

Mars enters Aquarius on Friday, January 25. The planet of Action and Aggression will be in the sign of The Humanitarian for the next 6 weeks. Mars will join up with Neptune, already transiting here since 2009. Neptune is the planet of Dreams, Imagination, Illusions, Confusion, Disappointment. Mars + Neptune in Aquarius boosts the Desire for Idealistic Humanitarian Action. But this combination can also result in Confused or Deluded Action, resulting in Unintended Consequences. Much depends on what else it affects in a natal chart.
For example: in the chart of the USA, Mars and Neptune in Aquarius will be affecting the natal Moon, significator of The Public, in the USA chart's 3rd house of Desire and Effort. Third house of a country's chart is also The Media. Thus the Idealism of the various political factions of the country will compete for the Public's Desire for Idealistic Action to address the problems of the country. Cue the gun control battle, the debt ceiling battle, the budget, etc. The addition of Neptune indicates that the Media will be full of misleading, imaginary, idealistic stories designed to sway public opinion. The effect of Mars on the USA natal Moon ensures that the "discussion" will become quite Emotional and Heated.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mercury enters Capricorn, Nodes Change Signs

On Tuesday, January 15, Mercury enters Capricorn. The planet of Rational Thought, Data & Information, Communication, etc. does well in this Practical, Goal-oriented earth sign. Mercury joins with Mars, already transiting in Capricorn since last December. Mars is also goal-oriented, and considered exalted in Capricorn. This is a good combination for making logical decisions and getting the job done. Mercury will "pursue" Mars and eventually catch up when the two are in Aquarius in February.
The Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, change signs this week. Although not true planets (the nodes are two points in the Heavens where the Moon's apparent path crosses that of the Sun) the nodes give noticeable effects. Rahu has the nature of Desire and Transformation. Its energy now combines with Libra, the Idealistic sign of Balance and Harmony. Rahu also joins with Saturn, the planet of Structure and Control, already transiting in this sign. The result will be Transformation of Structures, as well as an Obsession with Control.  Ketu connects with the mysterious Past Karma, and can cause results of past karma to explode with a vengeance. Ketu's energies will be expressed through the Fiery Independent sign Aries. Any planets subsequently transiting through Aries must combine with Ketu and are likely to deliver their results in a forceful manner. The nodes will be in these new placements for the next year and a half. (for more explanation of the nodes new positions, see the current issue of the Vedic Astrology Newsletter).

Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius

Friday, January 11, is the New Moon, @ 27 deg. Sagittarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month Pausha, named for Pushyami the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be January 26. This lunar month is considered especially Auspicious, and is good for All New Beginnings except Marriage. A favorable month for Remedial Actions, Getting Help, Initiations and Ceremonies, Beginning Studies, etc.
The New Moon carries with it the energies of  Venus and Mercury, since these two planets are also currently transiting in Sagittarius.