Saturday, December 01, 2012

Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Rahu

Mercury enters Scorpio on Thursday, December 6. The planet of Communications, Information, The Media, etc. returns to Scorpio, from which it exited during its retrograde phase last November 18. Scorpio's talent for Secrets + Mercury the planet of Information will bring more Investigations, Revelations, Scandal, etc. over the coming weeks. Before entering Scorpio, Mercury will pass through the Nov. 13 Solar Eclipse point, @ 27-28 degrees Libra, Monday-Tuesday Dec. 3 -4. Mercury's significations are likely to suffer early in the week due to the subtractive effect of the eclipse point. News events may be confusing or otherwise incorrect. Mercury will be transiting through Scorpio until December 27.
Mercury will be conjunct Rahu on Friday, Dec.7, @ 1 deg. Scorpio. As soon as Mercury enters Scorpio it encounters Rahu, the north node of the Moon (intersection of path of Moon and path of Sun). This conjunction amplifies the natural qualities of Scorpio especially for Clandestine Actions, Investigations, Research, etc. In Vedic Astrology Rahu is considered as "Unusual" and "Unconventional" and when combined with Mercury can give some Unusual Information or News Event. The nature of Rahu is also to cause Deceit and Confusion, therefore the significations of Mercury continue to suffer through to the end of the week.


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