Monday, December 31, 2012

Venus enters Sagittarius

On  Friday, January 4, Venus enters Sagittarius. The planet of Harmony and Agreements is not so well suited to this Independent, Willful fire sign. Sagittarius is attached to Truth but always from a Personal Point of View, i.e., Self-righteous. The energy of Venus in this sign can be summed up as "Devotion to one's Own Truth." Therefore, not much chance of any meaningful compromise on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, or anything else for that matter, for the next few weeks while Venus remains in Sagittarius (until January 28).
Venus and Jupiter are now in Parivartana Yoga, i.e., a planetary pattern where two planets are in each other's signs. Before, while Jupiter was in Taurus and Venus was in Scorpio, these two natural benefic planets were directly opposite to each other and therefore in Mutual Aspect. Now that relationship changes into an even stronger one, but not necessarily conducive to Harmony. Venus in  Jupiter's sign Sagittarius tries to express itself through the nature of Willful Sagittarius, while Jupiter in Venus's sign Taurus tries to express itself through the characteristics of the Materialistic Value-oriented sign Taurus. Taurus is also stubborn and unyielding, which restricts Jupiter's natural Wisdom. Additionally, Jupiter is still retrograde until the end of January, further restraining the planet's natural positive energies. The parivartana yoga reinforces the more negative qualities of these two planets in these signs, and doesn't help much to resolve issues in the coming weeks.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mercury enters Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday, December 27. While crossing the border line between the water sign Scorpio and the fire sign Sagittarius, Mercury will be Gandant, i.e., severely weakened. Therefore Mercury significations such as Communications, The News, Business Transactions, etc. are unfavorable on Wednesday and Thursday.
Mercury in Sagittarius is the planet of Rational Mind, planet of Reasons, in an Independent, Willful Fire Sign. Sagittarius is the sign of Personal Truth and Self-righteous Opinions and will challenge anybody else's truth that does not agree. This is not a combination favorable for reasonable discussion or coming to consensus. Mercury will be in Sagittarius until January 15.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, December 28, @ 13 deg. Gemini. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu month Margrasiras, named for the lunar sign Mrigrashira, which is normally a good month for enjoyments. But this year the Full Moon will be in the lunar sign Ardra, representing a more difficult energy pattern associated with stormy catharsis.
Venus is Opposite Jupiter this week, exact on Saturday December 22. The two benefic planets are therefore in mutual aspect, which can give False Hope, i.e., Promising More than Can be Delivered. This is more the case because Jupiter is compromised by being both retrograde and with Ketu. A recent example was all the maneuvering in the Federal Government over the "Fiscal Cliff," which ultimately ended up going nowhere.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mars enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice, Venus opposite Jupiter

Mars will enter Capricorn on Tuesday, December 18. The planet of Combat, Aggression, War & Destruction leaves the independent self-righteous fire sign Sagittarius and starts a 6 week journey through practical pragmatic earth sign Capricorn. Mars is considered exalted in Capricorn; good for defining goals and achieving them.
When Mars changes signs it will stop giving its 4th house (square) aspect to Uranus, the planetary combination that has resulted in so much violence over the past weeks. The Horror in Newton happened when the Moon was conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, which created more activation for the Mars square Uranus combination. Once Mars enters Capricorn, it will not be influencing any other planet in the Heavens (except for the Moon from time to time) for the next several weeks. Mars will be in Capricorn until January 25.
In President Obama's chart, Mars will be transiting in his Ascendant, conjunct his natal Saturn and Jupiter and simultaneously opposing his natal Mercury and Sun. The president will be highly energized, and more combative and /or  irritated than usual over the coming weeks.
In the chart of the USA, Mars will transit the 2nd house, which for a country indicates the country's finances and currency. Mars in Capricorn will also be opposite to the USA current sub-period ruler, Mercury. Mars vs. natal Mercury indicates Argument: The Battle over The Money continues.
The Winter Solstice will be on December 21 this year. The Sun, as seen from the northern hemisphere, is at is lowest point above the horizon. From this point the Sun begins to "return" to the northern hemisphere. The three days before and after the solstice are considered Weak for beginning any important project.
Venus will be exactly opposite Jupiter on Saturday, December 22. Venus will be @ 14 deg. Scorpio; Jupiter @ 14 deg. Taurus. The two main benefic planets in Vedic Astrology are in mutual aspect and strongly influencing each other. Usually this results in "too much of a good thing," i.e., Indulgence, but that may be appropriate for the Holiday Season.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Venus enters Scorpio, Venus conjunct Rahu, New Moon in Scorpio

Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, December 11. Before leaving Libra, Venus transits through the November 13 Solar Eclipse Point, Saturday -Sunday December 8 -9. Upon entering Scorpio Venus is immediately conjunct Rahu (north node of the Moon) Tues -Wednesday Dec. 11 -12. All of these combinations tend to Distort or Weaken Venus.Thus the early part of the week is not favorable for Venus significations such as Romance, Value, Finance, Agreement. Scorpio is a Passionate sign, Restless and Determined, and does not suit the qualities of the planet of Harmony and Compromise. Venus will be in Scorpio for three weeks, until January 4.
Venus will be conjunct Rahu Wednesday, December 12 @ 1 deg. Scorpio. Although Venus and Rahu are considered "friendly" in Vedic Astrology, the nature of Rahu is to Transform what it comes into contact with. Rahu is also considered "Unusual," "Foreign," "Deceitful," resulting in the significations of Venus being distorted or out-of-the-ordinary during this week.
Venus will be together with Mercury in the 12th house of the USA chart. Mercury is the planet of Communication and Negotiations, Venus is the planet of Agreement and Finance, the 12th house is the house of Hidden Actions. Thus: Talks aimed at resolving the "Fiscal Cliff" dilemma will be held Secretly.
The New Moon will be on Thursday, December 13 @ 27 deg Scorpio. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month Margasiras, known as a good month for Pleasures and Enjoyment, Ceremonies and Celebrations, as befitting the holiday time of the year. However, this year the lunar month is somewhat altered because instead of the Full Moon falling in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Mrigrashira, for which the month is named, it will be in Ardra, a much less benign nakshatra, more suitable for Harsh or Fierce actions.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Rahu

Mercury enters Scorpio on Thursday, December 6. The planet of Communications, Information, The Media, etc. returns to Scorpio, from which it exited during its retrograde phase last November 18. Scorpio's talent for Secrets + Mercury the planet of Information will bring more Investigations, Revelations, Scandal, etc. over the coming weeks. Before entering Scorpio, Mercury will pass through the Nov. 13 Solar Eclipse point, @ 27-28 degrees Libra, Monday-Tuesday Dec. 3 -4. Mercury's significations are likely to suffer early in the week due to the subtractive effect of the eclipse point. News events may be confusing or otherwise incorrect. Mercury will be transiting through Scorpio until December 27.
Mercury will be conjunct Rahu on Friday, Dec.7, @ 1 deg. Scorpio. As soon as Mercury enters Scorpio it encounters Rahu, the north node of the Moon (intersection of path of Moon and path of Sun). This conjunction amplifies the natural qualities of Scorpio especially for Clandestine Actions, Investigations, Research, etc. In Vedic Astrology Rahu is considered as "Unusual" and "Unconventional" and when combined with Mercury can give some Unusual Information or News Event. The nature of Rahu is also to cause Deceit and Confusion, therefore the significations of Mercury continue to suffer through to the end of the week.