Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Moon -Solar Eclipse, Mercury conjunct Rahu

There will be a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, November 13, @ 27 deg. Libra. This New Moon marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Karttika, which is usually good for Bold Acts and Important Decisions, but unfortunately the energy of this month is compromised by the eclipse of the Sun, and further compromised by the Full Moon (on November 28) also being an eclipse. Venus, the dispositor (planet ruling the sign) of the New Moon, is still in its sign of debilitation, Virgo, which further weakens the energy of the month. Therefore this is not an favorable month for beginning important endeavors.
Eclipses signal forthcoming events and/ or changes. The change or event does not usually come on the day of the eclipse, but rather afterwards, and can be predicted by the subsequent transit of a planet passing through the eclipse degree. In the weeks following the eclipse, both Mercury and Venus will pass through 27 deg. Libra. Mercury, now retrograde, will be the first, on November 19 -20. (For full discussion, see article in this month's Vedic Astrology Newsletter.)
Mercury is conjunct Rahu this week. The planet of Communications, Information, the Media, etc., is now Retrograde (see previous post) and is in contact with Rahu (intersection point of path of Sun and path of Moon), the exact conjunction being late @ 2 deg. Scorpio on Friday. Rahu represents the Unusual and Unexpected. We have already had an unexpected event (i.e., the sudden resignation of the director of the CIA). There is a high probability of more Unusual Unexpected News.
Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday, conjunct Mars Thursday-Friday. The Moon will activate the position of Mars, which is opposite the natal Mars of the USA chart. The Mars-Mars opposition is an energy pattern likely to produce Dramatic Events, potentially Violent or Destructive.


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