Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mercury goes Retrograde, Mars enters Sagittarius

Mercury turns Retrograde on Tuesday, November 6, @ 10 deg. Scorpio. The planet of Rational Thinking, Making Decisions, Communications, Information, The Media, etc., will appear to hang motionless in the Heavens for a day, and then move in reverse against the backdrop of the stars. The significations of Mercury will be under stress for the next three weeks, until November 26. While Mercury is Retrograde people seem Less Rational, Communications get Delayed, Equipment Malfunction is more common, Mistakes in Business Transactions more frequent, etc. (For more information, read the article in the current issue of the Vedic Astrology Newsletter).
Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, November 9. The planet of Action, Fast Results, Aggression, War, etc. leaves its own sign Scorpio and enters Jupiter's sign Sagittarius for a six week transit that ends December 18. The significations of Mars combine well with the significations of a Fire sign, emphasizing Independent Action, Passion, Positive Attitude, etc. Sagittarius has the natural quality of Belief in One's Own Truth; Mars will boost up the actions of the True-Believers for the coming weeks leading to more likelihood of Taking Risks, Arguments due to Ideology, etc.
The National Elections on Tuesday, November 6: The most notable astrological event is the Stationary Condition of Mercury. On the day that a planet goes Retrograde, or when it returns to Direct Motion, it will appear to be Stationary in the Heavens. This condition is considered to make the planet's significations more prominent in World Events. Mercury as the planet of the Discriminating Mind becomes the planet of Making Choices. Thus it has a lot to do with Voting. Mercury is also the planet of Data and Information, Numbers, and Equipment. There is potential for something to happen which delays the results of the election, or throws it into dispute. An interesting recent example is the election of November 7, 2000. On that day Mercury was also stationary, but at the end of its retrograde period. The result of that election was delayed by the infamous Florida vote recount, and eventually decided by the Supreme Court.


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