Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mercury goes Direct, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Mercury ends its Retrograde Period on Monday, November 26, @ 24 deg. Libra. The significations of Mercury gradually return to normal over the coming week: Communications Improve, Less Misunderstandings, Fewer Mistakes, etc. The nearly Full Moon will be exactly opposite Mercury on Monday while the planet is "stationary." This is a powerful energy combination which could bring Important News, Media Event, etc.
The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, November 28, @ 12 deg. Taurus. This Full Moon is an Eclipse, but not a total eclipse. The eclipse will occur during daylight morning hours and not be visible in the USA. This marks the culmination of the lunar month of Kartikka, usually an auspicious month, but this year marred by starting out as a solar eclipse, plus the lunar eclipse, plus Mercury Retrograde, and thus not particularly productive.
Venus will be exactly conjunct Saturn on Monday, November 26, @ 12 deg. Libra. The planet of Restriction and Responsibility combines with the planet of Love, Agreement, Finance, and Value. This combination helps bring a Reality Check to over-spending during the beginning of the holiday buying season. The Venus-Saturn-Mercury combination in Libra has been good for making progress in Negotiations, such as bringing about a cease-fire in Gaza, but has been taking place at the same time as the Mars-square-Uranus pattern, which has simultaneously created Uprisings, Violence, and Accidents.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Venus enters Libra, Mercury enters Libra, Mars Square Uranus

Venus enters Libra on Saturday, November 17 (Friday Nov. 16 East Coast USA). The planet of Harmony and Agreement is now in its own sign for the next three weeks (until December 11). Now that Venus has left Virgo, its sign of debilitation, the significations of Venus will improve. Agreement, Compromise, Contract, etc. are easier to arrange during the coming weeks.
Venus joins with Saturn, which is already transiting in Libra. Venus the planet of Agreement + Saturn the planet of Reality = Realism in Negotiations. This planetary pattern improves the prospects of a Compromise in the US Congress, Solutions regarding conflicts in the world, etc.
Mercury, Retrograde, "backs into" Libra on Sunday, November 18. The planet of Rational Thinking, Decisions, Data and Information, etc., will join with Venus and Saturn for the next few weeks. These three planets are "friends"  in Vedic Astrology, which helps to ensure cooperation of the planetary energies. In the USA chart, Libra is the 11th house = the Congress. Since retrograde Mercury is good for Dealing with Past Business, the potential for getting some decisions made and bills passed is much enhanced.
Mercury is conjunct the Nov.13 Solar Eclipse Point on Monday and Tuesday, November 19 -20. This transit activates the Eclipse Point for a potential Event. Since Mercury is Retrograde, the event would likely have something to do with the significations of Mercury + The Past, i.e., a Past Decision, Media Report, Investigation etc.
Mars is exactly Square Uranus on Friday, November 23. This is a dangerous combination, which has been forming over the past several days. The planet of War, Combat, Aggression, Accident and Destruction sends its malefic energy 4 signs / 90 degrees ahead of itself, impacting Uranus the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. Already the past week has seen several Tragic Accidents, Violent Events, etc. This evil energy pattern intensifies this week, and gets an extra boost on Friday due to the Moon being conjunct Uranus in Pisces.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Moon -Solar Eclipse, Mercury conjunct Rahu

There will be a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, November 13, @ 27 deg. Libra. This New Moon marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Karttika, which is usually good for Bold Acts and Important Decisions, but unfortunately the energy of this month is compromised by the eclipse of the Sun, and further compromised by the Full Moon (on November 28) also being an eclipse. Venus, the dispositor (planet ruling the sign) of the New Moon, is still in its sign of debilitation, Virgo, which further weakens the energy of the month. Therefore this is not an favorable month for beginning important endeavors.
Eclipses signal forthcoming events and/ or changes. The change or event does not usually come on the day of the eclipse, but rather afterwards, and can be predicted by the subsequent transit of a planet passing through the eclipse degree. In the weeks following the eclipse, both Mercury and Venus will pass through 27 deg. Libra. Mercury, now retrograde, will be the first, on November 19 -20. (For full discussion, see article in this month's Vedic Astrology Newsletter.)
Mercury is conjunct Rahu this week. The planet of Communications, Information, the Media, etc., is now Retrograde (see previous post) and is in contact with Rahu (intersection point of path of Sun and path of Moon), the exact conjunction being late @ 2 deg. Scorpio on Friday. Rahu represents the Unusual and Unexpected. We have already had an unexpected event (i.e., the sudden resignation of the director of the CIA). There is a high probability of more Unusual Unexpected News.
Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday, conjunct Mars Thursday-Friday. The Moon will activate the position of Mars, which is opposite the natal Mars of the USA chart. The Mars-Mars opposition is an energy pattern likely to produce Dramatic Events, potentially Violent or Destructive.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mercury goes Retrograde, Mars enters Sagittarius

Mercury turns Retrograde on Tuesday, November 6, @ 10 deg. Scorpio. The planet of Rational Thinking, Making Decisions, Communications, Information, The Media, etc., will appear to hang motionless in the Heavens for a day, and then move in reverse against the backdrop of the stars. The significations of Mercury will be under stress for the next three weeks, until November 26. While Mercury is Retrograde people seem Less Rational, Communications get Delayed, Equipment Malfunction is more common, Mistakes in Business Transactions more frequent, etc. (For more information, read the article in the current issue of the Vedic Astrology Newsletter).
Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, November 9. The planet of Action, Fast Results, Aggression, War, etc. leaves its own sign Scorpio and enters Jupiter's sign Sagittarius for a six week transit that ends December 18. The significations of Mars combine well with the significations of a Fire sign, emphasizing Independent Action, Passion, Positive Attitude, etc. Sagittarius has the natural quality of Belief in One's Own Truth; Mars will boost up the actions of the True-Believers for the coming weeks leading to more likelihood of Taking Risks, Arguments due to Ideology, etc.
The National Elections on Tuesday, November 6: The most notable astrological event is the Stationary Condition of Mercury. On the day that a planet goes Retrograde, or when it returns to Direct Motion, it will appear to be Stationary in the Heavens. This condition is considered to make the planet's significations more prominent in World Events. Mercury as the planet of the Discriminating Mind becomes the planet of Making Choices. Thus it has a lot to do with Voting. Mercury is also the planet of Data and Information, Numbers, and Equipment. There is potential for something to happen which delays the results of the election, or throws it into dispute. An interesting recent example is the election of November 7, 2000. On that day Mercury was also stationary, but at the end of its retrograde period. The result of that election was delayed by the infamous Florida vote recount, and eventually decided by the Supreme Court.