Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Moon in Virgo, 2nd Presidential Debate

The New Moon will be on Monday, October 15, @ 28 deg. Virgo. This marks the beginning of the lunar month Asvina, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Ashvini, where the Full Moon will fall on Oct. 29. The energy of the month is favorable for New Beginnings, Travel, Healing, Taking Medicines, Initiations, Installing Sacred Items on the Altar.
The 2nd Presidential Debate takes place on Tuesday, October 16, when the Moon will be exactly conjunct Mercury @ 22 deg. Libra.   Mercury the planet of Intellect and Rational Thinking will have to combine with Moon the significator of Instincts and Feelings, in Libra the sign of Idealism. Mercury gets contaminated by too close proximity to the energy of the Moon: Rational Reasons and Reasonable Discussion will suffer. Mercury is also The Media, who will be no less prone to hyperbole and emotional reaction.
In Mitt Romney's chart, the transit of Mars in Scorpio will be in exact conjunction with his natal Ketu and simultaneously exactly square (90 deg.) to his natal Mars. He will be just as combative and confrontational as he was in the first debate, when Mars was conjunct his natal Moon. Mr. Obama will be suffering from Mars being opposite to his natal Moon, setting the stage for strong emotional reactions which he will have to make great effort to contain. (For more discussion on the upcoming debate, download this week's podcast, posted  on Monday Afternoon).
Mars gets closer to direct opposition with Jupiter, the exact opposition will be on October 28. Jupiter is the planet of Religion and Beliefs. Mars is the Attack Planet. This month is especially prone to Confrontation of Ideologies, as played out by the presidential contest.


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