Saturday, October 27, 2012

Full Moon in Aries, Mars opposite Jupiter, Venus opposite Uranus

The Full Moon will be on Monday, October 29, @ 12 deg. Aries. This marks the culmination of the lunar month Asvina, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Ashvini, in which the Full Moon falls. Favorable for all new Beginnings, Religious Observances, Beginning Medical Treatment, etc.
Mars is exactly opposite Jupiter on Sunday, October 28: Mars @ 21 deg. Scorpio vs. Jupiter @ 21 deg. Taurus. The planet of Attack casts its baleful eye on the planet of Belief, Religion, Prosperity, Truth. There have already been many instances lately of Attacks on temples, mosques, and plenty of Distortion of the Truth. This energy pattern remains intense during the coming week, and gets a further boost when the Moon transits through Taurus from Wednesday -Friday, Oct. 31 -Nov.2, creating additional activation on the Jupiter side of the equation. Note that Mars =War and Destruction; Jupiter = Prosperity.
Venus is exactly opposite Uranus on Thursday, November 1. Venus will be @ 11 deg Virgo, opposed by Uranus @ 11 deg. Pisces. Venus is in its sign of debilitation, which is already causing suffering to the significations of Venus: Agreements, Harmony, Finances, Values, Romance, Entertainment, Guidance, etc. Thus: Markets were down last week, the Cease-fire in Syria didn't even last a day, Advisers to Candidates made outrageous statements, etc. With the planet of  Sudden Unexpected Events, Rebellion, etc. in exact opposition to Venus, this coming week will be no better, bringing the added element of more Volatility thus contributing further Disruption, Excitement, and Uncertainty to Venus' significations.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mercury and Venus change signs, Saturn Combust

Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23. The planet of Information, Communication, and Reasons enters the sign of Secrets and Investigations. Mercury joins with Mars and Rahu already transiting in Scorpio. The planet of Communication with the planet of Combat = Argument. The potential for disagreement is further enhanced due to Mars being simultaneously opposite Jupiter (planet of Combat versus planet of Beliefs; see previous post).
Mercury will be conjunct Rahu as soon as it enters Scorpio. The exact conjunction will be Thursday, October 25 @ 2 deg. Scorpio. The planet of Ideas comes together with the significator of Innovation and Obsession = being Obsessed with your Ideology. The planet of The Media + the planet of The Unusual in the sign of Secrets can bring to light some new Scandal. But Rahu also indicates Poison and Toxicity, with Mercury the planet of Data and Ideas = Poisonous Information, Toxic Thinking. The combination of Mercury, Rahu, and Mars all together in Scorpio continues through past Election Day, until Mars leaves Scorpio on November 8.
Venus enters Virgo on Tuesday, October 23. In Vedic Astrology,Venus is considered debilitated, i.e., weakened, in Virgo. Therefore the significations of Venus will suffer over the next few weeks. Venus is the planet of Value: Markets are likely to go down. Venus is the planet of Agreement: Agreements and Treaties are harder to bring about.
Venus will be Opposite to Uranus while in Virgo. The planet of Value, Currencies, Harmony, Entertainment, Pleasures, etc. will be subject to the influence of the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events traveling on the other side of the zodiac in Pisces. This is considered detrimental to Venus, adding an element of Uncertainty and Volatility to Venus's significations. Venus will be exactly opposite Uranus on November 1.
Saturn is combust the Sun this week and next. The planet of Form, Structure, and Established Order is completely "burnt up" by its close conjunction with the Sun. The exact conjunction occurs Thursday, October 25, @ 8 deg. Libra. Saturn is the planet of Control + Sun planet of Authority can give Cruel Enforcement of an Order.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Moon in Virgo, 2nd Presidential Debate

The New Moon will be on Monday, October 15, @ 28 deg. Virgo. This marks the beginning of the lunar month Asvina, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Ashvini, where the Full Moon will fall on Oct. 29. The energy of the month is favorable for New Beginnings, Travel, Healing, Taking Medicines, Initiations, Installing Sacred Items on the Altar.
The 2nd Presidential Debate takes place on Tuesday, October 16, when the Moon will be exactly conjunct Mercury @ 22 deg. Libra.   Mercury the planet of Intellect and Rational Thinking will have to combine with Moon the significator of Instincts and Feelings, in Libra the sign of Idealism. Mercury gets contaminated by too close proximity to the energy of the Moon: Rational Reasons and Reasonable Discussion will suffer. Mercury is also The Media, who will be no less prone to hyperbole and emotional reaction.
In Mitt Romney's chart, the transit of Mars in Scorpio will be in exact conjunction with his natal Ketu and simultaneously exactly square (90 deg.) to his natal Mars. He will be just as combative and confrontational as he was in the first debate, when Mars was conjunct his natal Moon. Mr. Obama will be suffering from Mars being opposite to his natal Moon, setting the stage for strong emotional reactions which he will have to make great effort to contain. (For more discussion on the upcoming debate, download this week's podcast, posted  on Monday Afternoon).
Mars gets closer to direct opposition with Jupiter, the exact opposition will be on October 28. Jupiter is the planet of Religion and Beliefs. Mars is the Attack Planet. This month is especially prone to Confrontation of Ideologies, as played out by the presidential contest.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Mars with Rahu, Mercury with Saturn

There are no major changes in the Heavens this week.
Mars continues transiting in Scorpio with Rahu: A strong energy pattern for Research, Investigation, Action based on Desire, Acting on Impulse, Potential for Anger, Violence, Accidents.
Mercury continues transiting in Libra with Saturn: Good for Detail Work, Planning, Conservative Business Transactions, but also Too Focused, Can't see the Big Picture, etc.
Mars opposite Retrograde Jupiter: Planet of Action and Combat opposes planet of Courts and Judgement. This transit becomes exact at the end of October (Oct.28). Indicates more Judicial Action and Controversial Judgments coming up this month.