Saturday, September 22, 2012

Venus Enters Leo, Mars Enters Scorpio

Venus changes signs and enters Leo on Thursday, September 27. The planet of Love, Attraction, Beauty, Appearance, Harmony, Agreement, Finance & Value must express itself through the sign of Royalty, Governments, Centralized Will, Ego, Pride & Ambition. It's not a good fit: Venus is at a disadvantage in this sign. While in Leo, Venus will be opposite Neptune, planet of Dreams and Illusions (exact Oct. 3). This results in Delusions of Grandeur, Grand-standing, Narcissism, etc. While changing signs this week, Venus will be gandant as it passes through the borderline of a water sign (Cancer) and a fire sign (Leo). The significations of Venus will be especially weak on Thursday.
Mars changes signs and enters Scorpio on Friday, September 28. The planet of Action and Aggression will be in one of the signs that it rules for the next 6 weeks. The energy of Mars is strong in its own sign. Mars immediately encounters Rahu (north node of Moon, i.e., one of the eclipse points) transiting in early degrees of Scorpio. Mars + Rahu is really powerful, Energizing, and Forceful, especially in the Restless, Determined sign Scorpio. The downside will be Irritability, Aggression, Haste, and potential for Accident. Best to have some project to put the energy into. The exact conjunction of Mars and Rahu will be on October 2, just in time for the First Presidential Debate. Note that in Mitt Romney's chart, the Mars-Rahu combination will be closely conjunct his natal Moon and Jupiter. He will be Highly Energized, Combative, Excitable, and Prone to Making Mistakes.


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