Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Moon in Leo, Mars Aspects Jupiter, Mercury Opposite Uranus

The New Moon is Saturday, September 15, @ 29 deg. Leo. This is the second New Moon in Leo, the first was August. 17 @ 1 deg. Leo. Due to the 2 day difference between the lunar cycle (New Moon to New Moon) and the amount of time the Moon spends in a sign of the zodiac, every 32 months or so there is an "extra" lunar month,  in Vedic Astrology called Adhika Masa: "Increased Month." Thus the lunar month of Bhadrapada, usually ending at this time of the year, will be extended another 4 weeks. The Adhika Masa is considered generally Weak and Unfavorable, therefore the coming 4 weeks are not recommended for starting important new projects.
The 8th house Aspect of Mars on Jupiter is exact Saturday, September 15. This unfavorable 210 deg. aspect of the planet of Combat on the planet of Belief and Wisdom has been playing out on the world stage over the past week, and continues to influence events for the next few days (see previous post). Jupiter as the planet of Religion has received an "Attack"  from Mars (in the form of an anti-Muslim film). Jupiter also represents Diplomacy; Mars's inimical aspect has been manifesting as attacks on US embassies throughout the Muslim world.
Mercury will be exactly Opposite Uranus on Thursday, September 20. When Mercury reaches 12 deg. Virgo it will be exactly opposite and exchanging energy with Uranus @ 12 deg. Pisces. The planet of Data, Information, and The Media is in mutual aspect with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. Thus there is a strong potential for some Unexpected News this week. This combination is also good for Inspiration, Sudden Realization, etc.
The Autumn Equinox will be on Saturday, September 22. The Sun will cross the Celestial Equator, marking the mid-way point of its apparent journey from the extremes (solstices) of its position relative to the horizon.This transition is called a Sankranti , an "Ingress," and is considered Weak for results. Therefore any important projects should not be started between September 20 -24.


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thanks for your weekly updates - would think it would be nice and helpful, to know what are the upcoming favourable periods (a month or two in advance) ?!.

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