Saturday, September 29, 2012

Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury Enters Libra, Jupiter Retrograde, First Presidential Debate

A Lot of Action in the Heavens this week:
The Full Moon will be on Saturday, September 29, @ 13 deg. Pisces (approx. 8 pm PDT). This Full Moon is conjunct Uranus within 1 deg. The intense energy of the Full Moon gets amplified by being conjunct with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Freedom, Rebellion, etc... careful, it's likely to be a wild night.
Mercury enters Libra on Monday, October 1. The planet of Rational Thinking, Information, the Media, etc. enters the sign of Harmony and Agreement for a three-week run. Mercury immediately encounters Saturn, transiting in the early degrees of Libra. The planet of Delay, Realism, Limitation, Caution, etc. influences the planet of Ideas and Reasons, hopefully making for some Realistic Thinking and Rational Decisions. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn will be on Friday, October 4, @ 5 deg. Libra.
Mars conjunct Rahu, exact on Tuesday October 2, @ 2 deg. Scorpio. The planet of Energy and Action together with the eclipse point that signifies Great Desire, is a rather intense combination prone to Extremes of Enthusiasm, Haste, Impulse, Accident, and Anger.
Venus in Leo is exactly opposite Neptune in Aquarius on Wednesday, October 3. The planet of Love and Agreement exchanges energy with the planet of Dreams, Illusions, and Idealism, making for some Irrational Ideology, Lack of Realism, Suspicion, etc.
Jupiter goes Retrograde on Thursday, October 4, @ 22 deg. Taurus. The planet of Opportunity, Prosperity, and Wisdom, will appear to be "going backwards" in the zodiac for the next 4 months, until the end of January. Retrograde planets are at their closest to the Earth, therefore strong, but not behaving normally. During this week Jupiter will be "Stationary" i.e., appearing not to move, which intensifies the planet's energy. (For an article on Jupiter Retrograde, get the current issue of the Astrology Newsletter).
The First Presidential Debate will be Wednesday, October 3, starting @ 7 pm in Denver, Colorado. The patterns of planets in the Heavens are especially Intense. Wednesday evening during the debate the Moon will be exactly conjunct Ketu and simultaneously opposite Mars. Venus will be directly opposite Neptune. Mitt Romney's chart will be heavily impacted. For full discussion, be sure to tune in to Monday's Podcast.


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