Saturday, September 29, 2012

Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury Enters Libra, Jupiter Retrograde, First Presidential Debate

A Lot of Action in the Heavens this week:
The Full Moon will be on Saturday, September 29, @ 13 deg. Pisces (approx. 8 pm PDT). This Full Moon is conjunct Uranus within 1 deg. The intense energy of the Full Moon gets amplified by being conjunct with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Freedom, Rebellion, etc... careful, it's likely to be a wild night.
Mercury enters Libra on Monday, October 1. The planet of Rational Thinking, Information, the Media, etc. enters the sign of Harmony and Agreement for a three-week run. Mercury immediately encounters Saturn, transiting in the early degrees of Libra. The planet of Delay, Realism, Limitation, Caution, etc. influences the planet of Ideas and Reasons, hopefully making for some Realistic Thinking and Rational Decisions. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn will be on Friday, October 4, @ 5 deg. Libra.
Mars conjunct Rahu, exact on Tuesday October 2, @ 2 deg. Scorpio. The planet of Energy and Action together with the eclipse point that signifies Great Desire, is a rather intense combination prone to Extremes of Enthusiasm, Haste, Impulse, Accident, and Anger.
Venus in Leo is exactly opposite Neptune in Aquarius on Wednesday, October 3. The planet of Love and Agreement exchanges energy with the planet of Dreams, Illusions, and Idealism, making for some Irrational Ideology, Lack of Realism, Suspicion, etc.
Jupiter goes Retrograde on Thursday, October 4, @ 22 deg. Taurus. The planet of Opportunity, Prosperity, and Wisdom, will appear to be "going backwards" in the zodiac for the next 4 months, until the end of January. Retrograde planets are at their closest to the Earth, therefore strong, but not behaving normally. During this week Jupiter will be "Stationary" i.e., appearing not to move, which intensifies the planet's energy. (For an article on Jupiter Retrograde, get the current issue of the Astrology Newsletter).
The First Presidential Debate will be Wednesday, October 3, starting @ 7 pm in Denver, Colorado. The patterns of planets in the Heavens are especially Intense. Wednesday evening during the debate the Moon will be exactly conjunct Ketu and simultaneously opposite Mars. Venus will be directly opposite Neptune. Mitt Romney's chart will be heavily impacted. For full discussion, be sure to tune in to Monday's Podcast.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Venus Enters Leo, Mars Enters Scorpio

Venus changes signs and enters Leo on Thursday, September 27. The planet of Love, Attraction, Beauty, Appearance, Harmony, Agreement, Finance & Value must express itself through the sign of Royalty, Governments, Centralized Will, Ego, Pride & Ambition. It's not a good fit: Venus is at a disadvantage in this sign. While in Leo, Venus will be opposite Neptune, planet of Dreams and Illusions (exact Oct. 3). This results in Delusions of Grandeur, Grand-standing, Narcissism, etc. While changing signs this week, Venus will be gandant as it passes through the borderline of a water sign (Cancer) and a fire sign (Leo). The significations of Venus will be especially weak on Thursday.
Mars changes signs and enters Scorpio on Friday, September 28. The planet of Action and Aggression will be in one of the signs that it rules for the next 6 weeks. The energy of Mars is strong in its own sign. Mars immediately encounters Rahu (north node of Moon, i.e., one of the eclipse points) transiting in early degrees of Scorpio. Mars + Rahu is really powerful, Energizing, and Forceful, especially in the Restless, Determined sign Scorpio. The downside will be Irritability, Aggression, Haste, and potential for Accident. Best to have some project to put the energy into. The exact conjunction of Mars and Rahu will be on October 2, just in time for the First Presidential Debate. Note that in Mitt Romney's chart, the Mars-Rahu combination will be closely conjunct his natal Moon and Jupiter. He will be Highly Energized, Combative, Excitable, and Prone to Making Mistakes.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Moon in Leo, Mars Aspects Jupiter, Mercury Opposite Uranus

The New Moon is Saturday, September 15, @ 29 deg. Leo. This is the second New Moon in Leo, the first was August. 17 @ 1 deg. Leo. Due to the 2 day difference between the lunar cycle (New Moon to New Moon) and the amount of time the Moon spends in a sign of the zodiac, every 32 months or so there is an "extra" lunar month,  in Vedic Astrology called Adhika Masa: "Increased Month." Thus the lunar month of Bhadrapada, usually ending at this time of the year, will be extended another 4 weeks. The Adhika Masa is considered generally Weak and Unfavorable, therefore the coming 4 weeks are not recommended for starting important new projects.
The 8th house Aspect of Mars on Jupiter is exact Saturday, September 15. This unfavorable 210 deg. aspect of the planet of Combat on the planet of Belief and Wisdom has been playing out on the world stage over the past week, and continues to influence events for the next few days (see previous post). Jupiter as the planet of Religion has received an "Attack"  from Mars (in the form of an anti-Muslim film). Jupiter also represents Diplomacy; Mars's inimical aspect has been manifesting as attacks on US embassies throughout the Muslim world.
Mercury will be exactly Opposite Uranus on Thursday, September 20. When Mercury reaches 12 deg. Virgo it will be exactly opposite and exchanging energy with Uranus @ 12 deg. Pisces. The planet of Data, Information, and The Media is in mutual aspect with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. Thus there is a strong potential for some Unexpected News this week. This combination is also good for Inspiration, Sudden Realization, etc.
The Autumn Equinox will be on Saturday, September 22. The Sun will cross the Celestial Equator, marking the mid-way point of its apparent journey from the extremes (solstices) of its position relative to the horizon.This transition is called a Sankranti , an "Ingress," and is considered Weak for results. Therefore any important projects should not be started between September 20 -24.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mercury enters Virgo, Mars aspect on Jupiter

Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, September 13. The planet of Rational Thinking, Data, Facts, Communication, The Media, etc. goes into its own sign and remains for the rest of this month. Mercury is also considered Exalted in Virgo, further strengthening all of Mercury's significations. Virgo is the sign of Details and Analysis. The general energy pattern is strong for focusing in on the Details of everything. For instance: The Media will be demanding more policy detail from the various politicians running for office; there will be even more focus on Analysis. As Mercury advances into Virgo, it will come closer to direct opposition with Uranus, planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, indicating increased potential for Unexpected News Items, Revelations, People (& Politicians!) Saying the Unexpected, etc. Mercury is also exactly conjunct the Sun, on Sunday, September 9,  while still in the Sun's sign Leo (@ 23 deg.). Although fully Combust (i.e., burnt up) by the Sun's rays, Mercury is not considered to suffer in combustion in Vedic Astrology.
Mars sends its 8th house / 210 degree Aspect to Jupiter this week. In Vedic Astrology Mars is considered to project its energy at full force to the 8th sign ahead of itself in the zodiac ( inconjunct / quincunx aspect in Western Astrology). As Mars approaches 21 degrees Libra, it will be affecting Jupiter @ 21 degrees Taurus. This is considered to be an unfriendly aspect, i.e., causing potential problems to the significations of Jupiter: Wisdom, Prosperity, Religion, Hope, Optimism, Banks and Bankers. The exact aspect will be next Saturday, September 15. Since Venus, being the owner of the signs Libra and Taurus, is the dispositor of both Mars and Jupiter.  The condition of Venus is therefore important regarding outcomes from the Mars -Jupiter interaction. Venus itself is disadvantaged by being in Cancer, a sign it is not comfortable in. Thus the coming week will be not a good one for Agreements, Compromise, Financial Sector, etc.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mercury Opposite Neptune, Saturn Square Venus

There are no significant changes to planetary positions in the zodiac this week.
Mercury and Neptune are exactly opposite each other on Saturday, September 1. The planet of Rational Thinking and the planet of Dreams and Fantasies interfere with each other: Mercury is at 7 deg. Leo; Neptune @ 7 deg. Aquarius. Mercury the Communications and Data planet gets distorted by Neptune's Idealism. Thus: Facts vs. Ideology; Messaging mixed up with Delusion. This energy was clearly on display last week during the Republican National Convention. The energy pattern will be weakening but still continues into the coming week during the Democrats' National Convention.
The Neptune-Idealism-Delusion side of the planetary pattern exactly lines up with the natal Moon in the USA chart. The Moon in a country's chart is The Public, and the 3rd house is The Media. Thus the public gets "spun" by the Media. Mercury planet of Facts and Reason transits opposite in the USA 9th house, the house of Beliefs and Religion.
Saturn is in Square Aspect to Venus. The Reality Check planet sends its energy to the planet of Harmony and Agreement this week.  Venus will be at 2 deg. Cancer, with Saturn @ 2 deg. Libra, on Monday, September 3. Since Saturn is in Libra, one of Venus's signs, Venus becomes the dispositor of Saturn, which increases Saturn's influence on Venus. This energy combination limits the ability of Venus to bring about compromise, or: compromise and agreement is Forced due to circumstances.