Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mercury goes Direct

Mercury ends its Retrograde Period on Tuesday, August 7. Mercury will resume normal forward motion @ 7 degrees in the sign Cancer. The functioning of Mercury's significations will gradually return to normal over the coming days: communications will be better, less misinterpretation, equipment malfunctions less common. Mercury will remain in Cancer for most of the rest of August. Since Cancer is a water sign more based in emotions than rational thought, Mercury will still be at some disadvantage until it leaves Cancer on August 29.
Venus continues in Gemini for the rest of August. Venus the planet of Agreements and Compromise does fairly well in the mental sign of Diplomacy. Gemini is able to see things from multiple viewpoints. Thus the potential for negotiations leading to agreements is better, especially once Mercury has ended its retrograde period.
Mars is getting closer to Saturn this week: The planet of Established Order, therefore Stability and Security, is being pursued by the Planet of Attack and Violence, which is now closing in. By the end of the week, only 2 degrees will separate the two planets. Mars threatens Saturn: creating a general climate of Fear. The exact conjunction occurs in the middle of August.
(apologies for a late posting of the astrology blog this week; I was away on family vacation).


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