Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mercury enters Leo, Venus enters Cancer, Full Moon in Aquarius

Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday, August 28. After spending over two months in the water sign Cancer, where it was at a disadvantage, the planet of Communication and Data now moves to the sign of Kings, Leaders, and Governments. While changing signs on Tuesday, Mercury is Gandant. The borderline between a water sign and a fire sign, two incompatible elements, is a difficult spot in the zodiac. A planet at the last degree of Cancer/ first degree of Leo is weak and vulnerable. Therefore no important actions should be planned for Tuesday.
As soon as Mercury enters Leo it will fall under the influence of Neptune, which is opposite @ 7 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Dreams and Confusion will be afflicting the planet of Rational Thought and Reason this week and next. The exact opposition of Mercury and Neptune is on Saturday, September 1.
Venus changes signs on Friday, August 31, moving from Gemini to Cancer. The planet of Harmony and Agreement gives mixed results in the emotions-based water sign. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a variable significator in Astrology, Venus will similarly be subject to a lot of Ups and Downs for the next four weeks . Since Venus rules Finance and Value, currencies and markets will also be jumping around.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, August 31, @ 14 deg. Aquarius. This marks the culmination of the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada; but this year the Full Moon falls in the previous nakshatra, Shatabishak. Shatabishak is well know for Secrets, Regeneration, Spiritual Wisdom.  The Full Moon will be close to Neptune, and opposite Mercury, and thus enhance the potential for Irrational Thinking, Confusion, Fantasy, and Media Spin.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moon Activates Mars and Saturn, Sun opposite Neptune

There are no significant changes in the Heavens this week.
Moon enters Libra and teams up with the Mars -Saturn conjunction on Tuesday, August 21. The Mars-Saturn conjunction gets an extra kick from the energy of the Moon, raising the level of  Frustration leading to Violence and bringing Existing Situations to a Crisis Point. The Moon leaves Libra on Thursday.
Sun will be exactly opposite Neptune on Thursday, August 23. The Sun is now in its own sign Leo, adding to the power and authority of Leaders and Governments. But any action by the people in charge is likely to  backfire this week due to the influence of Neptune in Aquarius. The planet of Fantasy, Illusion, and Deception sends its energy to the Sun and Leo, significators of Kings and Governments. The Sun-Neptune opposition is also exactly square to the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, which are at 6 degrees Scorpio and Taurus. This sets up a "Grand Cross" pattern in the Heavens involving the four Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). Occurring during the same days as the Mars-Saturn-Moon combination, the energy for the week becomes one of Stress and Frustration, with a strong potential to spill over into violence.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mars enters Libra, Mars Conjunct Saturn, New Moon

Mars enters Libra on Monday, August 13. The planet of Action and Combat enters the sign of Idealism and Harmony. It's not a good fit between the planet and the sign. As usual, when a planet is changing signs its significations are weakened. Since Mars is the planet of Getting Things Going, this week is not especially good for launching new important endeavors.
Mars is exactly conjunct Saturn on Wednesday, Aug 15, in the first degree of Libra. Mars has been pursuing Saturn in the Heavens and now catches up to and overtakes Saturn. The dramatically different energies of these two planets are forced to combine in the sign of Cooperation. The planet of Action must combine with the planet of Delay. The planet of Attack forces itself onto the planet of Established Order. Mars Irritates Saturn; Saturn Restrains Mars. The result can be a lot of Frustration. This is an Intense Combination: an energy pattern for bringing things to a Crisis. Mars will be in Libra until September 28.
Since all this is happening in a sign ruled by Venus, the condition of Venus (dispositor of Mars and Saturn) becomes more important. Venus (appropriately?) is in Gemini, the most Dual-natured sign of the zodiac. Essentially it becomes a draw, and for most people nothing much happens other than intellectual exercise and argument: both Libra and Gemini are Air signs, i.e, mind-based.
The New Moon will be on Friday, August 17, @ 1 deg. Leo. This begins the Hindu lunar month Bhadrapada. This month has a reputation for Disasters. Recent examples: The 9-11 event, Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Financial Melt-down....all occurred or came to a crisis-point during Bhadrapada. The nearly simultaneous conjunction of Mars and Saturn, two of the most potent malefics in Vedic Astrology, lends more energy to the month's potential for Crisis-type Events.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mercury goes Direct

Mercury ends its Retrograde Period on Tuesday, August 7. Mercury will resume normal forward motion @ 7 degrees in the sign Cancer. The functioning of Mercury's significations will gradually return to normal over the coming days: communications will be better, less misinterpretation, equipment malfunctions less common. Mercury will remain in Cancer for most of the rest of August. Since Cancer is a water sign more based in emotions than rational thought, Mercury will still be at some disadvantage until it leaves Cancer on August 29.
Venus continues in Gemini for the rest of August. Venus the planet of Agreements and Compromise does fairly well in the mental sign of Diplomacy. Gemini is able to see things from multiple viewpoints. Thus the potential for negotiations leading to agreements is better, especially once Mercury has ended its retrograde period.
Mars is getting closer to Saturn this week: The planet of Established Order, therefore Stability and Security, is being pursued by the Planet of Attack and Violence, which is now closing in. By the end of the week, only 2 degrees will separate the two planets. Mars threatens Saturn: creating a general climate of Fear. The exact conjunction occurs in the middle of August.
(apologies for a late posting of the astrology blog this week; I was away on family vacation).