Sunday, July 29, 2012

Venus enters Gemini, Saturn enters Libra, Full Moon in Capricorn

Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday, July 31. After spending an unusually long time in Taurus (since the end of March), Venus will finally change signs this week. The planet of Romance, Finance, Agreements and Treaties, etc., will now exhibit a new energy pattern. Venus is Gemini is usually good, since Gemini is able to see things from multiple viewpoints and is also an agreeable sign. But since Mercury as the ruler of Gemini is the dispositor of Venus and is still retrograde, the significations of Venus are weakened until August 8 when Mercury returns to normal direct motion. Venus will be in Gemini for the entire month of August. While changing signs at the beginning of the week, Venus is in Virgo Navamsha, and is therefor Weak and Vulnerable.
The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, August 1, @ 16 deg. Capricorn. This marks the culmination of the lunar month of Sravana. This lunar month started out with the Moon conjunct Retrograde Mercury, and will now come to fruition with the Full Moon opposite to retrograde Mercury. The energy pattern intensifies the effects of Mercury Retrograde for more Irrational Behavior, Mistakes in Communication, Media Rumor, etc.
Saturn enters Libra on Friday-Saturday, August 3 -4. Saturn now creeps back into Libra after having backed into Virgo for 2 -1/2 months during its retrograde phase. Saturn is generally good in Libra, its sign of exaltation. But Saturn is suffering due to being pursued by Mars,  which is now only 6 degrees behind Saturn. The planet of The Established Order is under pressure from the planet of Attack, which creates a threatening atmosphere that destabilizes things in general. Saturn is Vulnerable while changing signs this week. Since Mercury the planet of information is also retrograde, the general theme is Fear due to any news or rumor. 


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