Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mars Opposite Uranus, Continues

The events of the past week confirm the significations of Mars opposite Uranus: Sudden Unexpected Violence. The movie theater massacre in Aurora Colorado is the obvious example. It happened while Mars and Uranus were less than 1 degree from exact opposition. Simultaneously, the Moon was exactly conjunct Retrograde Mercury. As the ruler of the sign Virgo where Mars is located, Mercury became the trigger point activated by the transit of the Moon.
The Mars-Uranus energy pattern also brings existing situations to a Crisis point. The bombing-assassination of Assad's inner circle of ministers and advisers also occurred just when the Mars-Uranus opposition was becoming exact, and is now regarded as a turning-point in the Syrian civil war.
The Moon will be in Virgo, conjunct Mars, from Monday -Wednesday, July 23-25. The Moon will add energy to the Mars side of the Mars-Uranus opposition. Although the two planets are no longer exactly opposite, they are still well within range to continue to produce events. Therefore this coming week still has a high potential for Unexpected Events, Sudden Violence, Accidents, etc.
(For more discussion of the Mars-Uranus transit, listen to this week's podcast, posted on Monday).


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