Sunday, July 29, 2012

Venus enters Gemini, Saturn enters Libra, Full Moon in Capricorn

Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday, July 31. After spending an unusually long time in Taurus (since the end of March), Venus will finally change signs this week. The planet of Romance, Finance, Agreements and Treaties, etc., will now exhibit a new energy pattern. Venus is Gemini is usually good, since Gemini is able to see things from multiple viewpoints and is also an agreeable sign. But since Mercury as the ruler of Gemini is the dispositor of Venus and is still retrograde, the significations of Venus are weakened until August 8 when Mercury returns to normal direct motion. Venus will be in Gemini for the entire month of August. While changing signs at the beginning of the week, Venus is in Virgo Navamsha, and is therefor Weak and Vulnerable.
The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, August 1, @ 16 deg. Capricorn. This marks the culmination of the lunar month of Sravana. This lunar month started out with the Moon conjunct Retrograde Mercury, and will now come to fruition with the Full Moon opposite to retrograde Mercury. The energy pattern intensifies the effects of Mercury Retrograde for more Irrational Behavior, Mistakes in Communication, Media Rumor, etc.
Saturn enters Libra on Friday-Saturday, August 3 -4. Saturn now creeps back into Libra after having backed into Virgo for 2 -1/2 months during its retrograde phase. Saturn is generally good in Libra, its sign of exaltation. But Saturn is suffering due to being pursued by Mars,  which is now only 6 degrees behind Saturn. The planet of The Established Order is under pressure from the planet of Attack, which creates a threatening atmosphere that destabilizes things in general. Saturn is Vulnerable while changing signs this week. Since Mercury the planet of information is also retrograde, the general theme is Fear due to any news or rumor. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mars Opposite Uranus, Continues

The events of the past week confirm the significations of Mars opposite Uranus: Sudden Unexpected Violence. The movie theater massacre in Aurora Colorado is the obvious example. It happened while Mars and Uranus were less than 1 degree from exact opposition. Simultaneously, the Moon was exactly conjunct Retrograde Mercury. As the ruler of the sign Virgo where Mars is located, Mercury became the trigger point activated by the transit of the Moon.
The Mars-Uranus energy pattern also brings existing situations to a Crisis point. The bombing-assassination of Assad's inner circle of ministers and advisers also occurred just when the Mars-Uranus opposition was becoming exact, and is now regarded as a turning-point in the Syrian civil war.
The Moon will be in Virgo, conjunct Mars, from Monday -Wednesday, July 23-25. The Moon will add energy to the Mars side of the Mars-Uranus opposition. Although the two planets are no longer exactly opposite, they are still well within range to continue to produce events. Therefore this coming week still has a high potential for Unexpected Events, Sudden Violence, Accidents, etc.
(For more discussion of the Mars-Uranus transit, listen to this week's podcast, posted on Monday).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mercury Retrograde, New Moon in Cancer

Mercury starts its three-week retrograde period Saturday,  July 14, @ 18 deg. Cancer. The planet of Rational Thought, Decisions, Information & Data, etc. will appear to go "backwards" in the Zodiac. During this time Mercury's significations will suffer. Therefore expect Delays in Communications, Misunderstandings and Misinterpretation, Problems with Equipment (computers!), Difficulties in Travel, Mistakes in Business Transactions, etc., for the next three weeks. Best defense is to Check and Re-check that the message got through, that what was intended is what got heard, count your change. Better to postpone starting anything of importance. Mercury retro periods are good for finishing up past business, paying past bills, editing, getting back in touch, etc. Mercury will resume its normal motion on August 8.
The New Moon will be on Wednesday, July 18, @ 2 deg. Cancer. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Sravana, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which will be on August 1. Shravana is associated with Study and Learning, Preserving Traditions of Knowledge, Preforming Religious Ceremonies. But the energy of the month is compromised due the the New Moon being associated with Retrograde Mercury. Therefore it is not a good month for beginning anything of importance.
Mars will be exactly opposite Uranus on Wednesday, July 18. Mars will be at 14 deg. Virgo, versus Uranus at 14 deg. Pisces. Uranus just recently turned retrograde, i.e., it is closer than usual to the Earth, nearly motionless in the Heavens, and therefore stronger and more able to deliver its energy. The week is primed for Sudden unexpected Events. There is a strong potential for Violence and Destruction, either by humans or from nature.  Mars is in Mercury's sign Virgo, thus Mercury is the dispositor of Mars and acquires the destructive energy of the planet of Conflict. Since Mercury is simultaneously Retrograde, there is increased likelihood of Mistakes that can have dire consequences.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Moon Activation

No Major Changes in Planets' Positions during the coming week. 
But Mars in Virgo is getting closer to direct opposition with Uranus in Pisces, thus increasing the energy for Sudden, Unexpected Events.
The Moon is in Pisces from late Sunday July 8, through Tuesday July 10, activating and increasing the potential for events associated with the Mars-Uranus energy pattern. Watch out for Impulsive Actions leading to Unintended Consequences. Mother Nature may also contribute exciting and destructive events.
Jupiter is still conjunct Ketu in Taurus, being less than 3 degrees from the "shadow planet," all week. Ketu continues to bring unexpected, controversial, and even crisis-type energy to the significations of Jupiter: Prosperity, Banks, Judgment, Wisdom, etc. continue to suffer this week. Venus is 4 -5 deg away and slowly separating  from Jupiter-Ketu, but still affected until it leaves Taurus at the end of the month.  The Moon will be in Taurus late Friday July 13 through Sunday July 15, providing additional activation to the Venus-Jupiter-Ketu combination at the end of the week.