Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Moon, Guru Purnima

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, July 3, @ 18 deg. Sagittarius. This marks the culmination of the Hindu lunar month of Ashadha. It is a particularly important day, called "Guru Purnima," for both Buddhists and Hindus for Celebrating and Expressing Gratitude to one's Guru. Puja, Prayers, Religious Practice, etc. honoring your teacher are appropriate for this day. The exact time of the Full Moon is 11:45 am Pacific Daylight Time....nearly Midnight in India.
Jupiter Conjunct Ketu, Monday July 2 @ 10 deg. Taurus.  There is a strong potential for various types of Crisis this week related to what the planet Jupiter represents. Jupiter as the planet of Judges and Judgments promises some Major Events in that area (as has already happened: the Supremes verdict on Obamacare).  Jupiter is Prosperity and specifically Banks and Banking, an area already in crisis: expect more this week. Venus, the other Finance Planet, is only 3 degrees away from the Jupiter-Ketu conjunction: it too is affected. The Finance Sector will see more volatility this week.
Mars and Saturn are now both in Virgo. These two planets are classed as Major Malefics (capable of doing harm) and are also "enemies" to each other. On the other side of the zodiac in Pisces sits Uranus, the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Freedom, and Revolution. The opposition of Mars to Uranus tends to produce Accidents, Explosive Events, Disasters, etc. This combination becomes more intense as the month progresses: the exact opposition will by on July 18.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Venus goes Direct, Jupiter conjunct Ketu

Venus goes Direct on Wednesday, June 27, @ 13 deg. Taurus. The planet of Love, Beauty, Sociability, Agreements, Finance, Guidance, etc. will end its 6 weeks-long retrograde period and return to Direct Motion. It takes a couple of weeks for the planet to regain its normal speed in the zodiac; likewise Venus significations will gradually return to normal over the next couple of weeks: Better for Progress in Negotiations, Determining Price and Value is improved, Love and Romance move forward, etc.
But Venus still won't be totally "normal" because it is only 3 deg. from Ketu, the significator of Past Karmas. Thus there is still the theme of Paying for Past Deeds associated with Venus significations until Venus finally separates from Ketu when it leaves Taurus at the end of July. (Example: Venus = sexuality. There were a couple of court judgments over the past week concerning improper Past Sexual Deeds).
Jupiter will be closely conjunct Ketu this week. The exact conjunction will be on Monday, July 2, @ 10 deg. Taurus. The significations of Jupiter as related to Past Deeds is a powerful force this week and next. This produces various types of Crisis related to what this planet represents. Jupiter as the planet of Judges and Judgments promises some Major Events in that area (for instance, the Supremes verdict on Obamacare). Both Jupiter and Venus are Finance Planets. The Finance Sector will see even more volatility. Jupiter is specifically Banks and Banking, an area already in crisis; there will certainly be more coming.
Mars and Saturn are now both in Virgo. These two planets are classed as Major Malefics (capable of doing harm) and are also "enemies" to each other.  On the other side of the zodiac in Pisces sits Uranus, the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Freedom and Revolution. The combination becomes more explosive as Mars advances into Virgo getting closer to Saturn and simultaneously more exactly opposite Uranus over the coming weeks. This week the Moon will transit through Virgo from Tuesday until Thursday, providing additional activation for potentially violent events.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Moon in Gemini, Mars & Mercury Change Signs

This Weekend and Monday (June 16-18) the Moon is in Taurus, activating the May 20 Solar Eclipse point, Jupiter, Ketu, and Venus. It is an Old Moon, therefore malefic, i.e, the tendency is towards Problems, Crisis, etc. Best to stick to routine actions. Not a good time for making important decisions: Judgement (Jupiter) tends to be off.
The New Moon will be on Tuesday June 19 @ 4 deg. Gemini. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Ashada, named for the lunar sign of the Full Moon, Purva Ashada, considered auspicious for New Beginnings, Taking a Strong Stance, Confronting Enemies, etc. but also suffering from Over Confidence.
Mars enters Virgo on Thursday, June 21. After nearly 7 and 1/2 months in Leo (since last October), Mars will finally change signs, creating a new dynamic in the Heavens. While changing signs later this week, The planet of Beginnings is Weakened, so best not to be starting anything important. The energy of Mars in Virgo is more Critical, Logical, and good for Solving Problems. But as Mars progresses through Virgo, it will come into opposition with Uranus, setting up a pattern for Violent Events later in July.
Mercury enters Cancer on Thursday, June 21. The planet of Rational Thinking doesn't do so well in an emotional water sign. Although Mercury usually gets through a sign in less than 3 weeks, its sojourn in Cancer will last 2 and 1/2 months, until the end of August, because Mercury will go through a retrograde phase while in Cancer, starting mid-July.
Since two planets are changing signs this week simultaneous with the Summer Solstice, this is not a favorable week for beginning important new endeavors.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Jupiter Conjunct Eclipse Point

Jupiter will transit through the May 20 Solar Eclipse Point this week. Eclipses are considered harbingers of forthcoming events. An eclipse creates a "pot hole" in the zodiac. When a planet subsequently transits through the eclipse point its significations get distorted. This week Jupiter will transit through 6 deg. Taurus, where the Solar Eclipse occurred on May 20. Jupiter is the planet of Hope and Optimism. The result is a Lack of Confidence; thus a more Negative Attitude towards the future during the coming week. Jupiter is also the planet that signifies Banks and Bankers. As the news from Spain already indicates, the Banking Sector is on the ropes this week.
Venus comes out of Combustion this week. The Sun has advanced past Venus, and is now far enough away that we can once again see the planet of Guidance, which now appears in the East before Sunrise. Venus will continue to serve as the "Morning Star" until the end of April, 2013. Although no longer suffering from being too close to the Sun, Venus is still retrograde, "going backwards" in the zodiac until June 27, so its significations are still suspect.
Neptune Square the Nodes: The planet of Dreams is at the mid-point of the Rahu-Ketu Axis for the next couple of weeks. When a planet is mid-way between the Moon's Nodes (eclipse points in the Heavens) it puts a lot of Stress on the planet's significations. Neptune is the planet of the Irrational, i.e., Dreams, Imagination, Idealism... but also Delusion, Illusions, Unrealistic, etc. The tension created by this position adds more Doubt and Sensitivity to the Negative Attitude that Jupiter's condition already indicates.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Scorpio Full Moon, Mercury enters Gemini

The Full Moon will be on Monday, June 4, @ 20 deg. Scorpio. This Full  Moon will also be a Partial Lunar Eclipse, visible in the Western U.S. during predawn hours. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month of Jyeshtha. The month's energy has been severely compromised at the outset by the May 20 Solar Eclipse, so not much in the way of results can be expected (as has already been the case).
This Full Moon will be directly opposite the Retrograde and Combust Venus, and will therefore aggravate the already depressed Venus, resulting in more losses in the Financial Sector. Additionally, on the day of the Full Moon (actually within a couple of hours), Mercury will be changing signs. The planet of Rational Decisions will be weakened on Monday making the start of the week even more Unstable.
Mercury enters Gemini on Monday June 4. The planet of Reasons, Information, The Media, Business Transactions, etc., breaks free from the planetary mess in Taurus and enters its own sign, where it will express its significations more freely over the next three weeks. Mercury in Gemini is very good for Ideas, Gathering Data, Evaluating Information, Expressing Opinions, which helps to see things more clearly and make rational decisions.
Venus exactly conjunct Sun on Tuesday, June 5 @ 21 deg. Taurus. Venus is in deep combustion during the first days of the week, as well as being still retrograde. Venus significations continue to suffer. (see previous post). Venus will emerge from combustion and become visible again after June 10.