Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Moon & Solar Eclipse, Mercury enters Taurus

Sunday, May 20 is the New Moon, and Solar Eclipse, @ 6 deg. Taurus. This begins the Hindu lunar month of Jyeshtha, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on June 4. Normally the month of Jyeshtha is good for accomplishments, overcoming enemies, subduing demons, etc. But this lunar month's energy is severely compromised by a Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse will be visible in the Western USA just before Sunset. Eclipses signal forthcoming changes; the events occur not at the time of the eclipse, but later when a planet subsequently transits through the eclipse point. In this case, Mercury will transit through the eclipse point later this week. Jupiter will transit through the eclipse point during the 2nd week of June.
Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, May 21. The planet of Rational Decisions, Communications, Information, Business Transactions, etc. joins the grouping of planets in Taurus. Mercury is immediately conjunct Jupiter at 1 deg. Taurus. Jupiter's qualities of Expansion and Increase affect all of Mercury's significations, intensifying the energy for Frantic Decisions, Fast-moving Business Transactions, Media Speculation, etc.
Moon conjunct Venus on Tuesday, May 22: Venus is the ruler of the sign Taurus, and thus the condition of Venus has a lot to say about what sorts of events occur while so many planets are in its sign (see previous post). Venus's damaged condition is problematic for events connected with all the planets in Taurus. The Moon is like the "seconds hand" of the Cosmic Clock. Moon will be in conjunction with Retrograde Venus at 28 deg. Taurus on  Tuesday this week, activating the potential for negative events.
Mercury conjunct Eclipse Point on Thursday, May 24. An eclipse creates a "pothole" in the zodiac that another planet can fall into. Mercury's significations of Information and Communication, Business Transactions, Data Transmission, etc. will be weakened on Thursday of this week as it transits through the eclipse point. Not a good time for starting anything important, scheduling events, etc.


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