Saturday, May 26, 2012

Venus Combust in Taurus

Venus becomes Combust this week. The planet comes so close to the Sun that we can't see it; it is combust, i.e., "burnt up" by the Sun. Venus has been "backing up" in Taurus due to being in its retrograde phase for the past couple of weeks (see previous posts), while Sun has been advancing forward in the zodiac. The Sun will be exactly conjunct Venus on Tuesday, June 5, at 21 degrees Taurus.
Starting on Friday, June 1, Venus will be so close to the Sun that it will no longer be visible. Venus is considered to be one of the planets of Guidance (the other is Jupiter). When we can't see it, we are "without guidance." Since Venus is now retrograde its energy is not being distributed in a normal fashion. The simultaneous combust condition means that the significations of Venus will be thoroughly hammered for the next couple of weeks. Determining the Value,Worth, i.e., Correct Price, of anything will be difficult. Thus the Financial Sector, Currencies, Markets, etc., will be Very Unstable. Guidance from lawyers, pundits, advisers, etc. is suspect. Venus as the planet of Agreement and Compromise will make coming to agreement on anything highly unlikely.
Venus has been visible on the Western Horizon as the "evening star" after sunset for the past several months. It will disappear at the end of this week. Starting around June 10, when it gets enough distance from the Sun, Venus will reappear as the "morning star" before sunrise.
Mercury will be exactly conjunct Venus on Friday June 1, @ 24 deg. Taurus. Normally a Mercury conjunction with Venus is no big thing; these two planets get along just fine in Vedic Astrology. But due to the problematic condition of Venus this week, the conjunction with Mercury could increase the potential for difficulties. Mercury's significations of Rational Decisions, Communications, Information, Business Transactions, etc. are likely to suffer at the end of the week.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Moon & Solar Eclipse, Mercury enters Taurus

Sunday, May 20 is the New Moon, and Solar Eclipse, @ 6 deg. Taurus. This begins the Hindu lunar month of Jyeshtha, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on June 4. Normally the month of Jyeshtha is good for accomplishments, overcoming enemies, subduing demons, etc. But this lunar month's energy is severely compromised by a Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse will be visible in the Western USA just before Sunset. Eclipses signal forthcoming changes; the events occur not at the time of the eclipse, but later when a planet subsequently transits through the eclipse point. In this case, Mercury will transit through the eclipse point later this week. Jupiter will transit through the eclipse point during the 2nd week of June.
Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, May 21. The planet of Rational Decisions, Communications, Information, Business Transactions, etc. joins the grouping of planets in Taurus. Mercury is immediately conjunct Jupiter at 1 deg. Taurus. Jupiter's qualities of Expansion and Increase affect all of Mercury's significations, intensifying the energy for Frantic Decisions, Fast-moving Business Transactions, Media Speculation, etc.
Moon conjunct Venus on Tuesday, May 22: Venus is the ruler of the sign Taurus, and thus the condition of Venus has a lot to say about what sorts of events occur while so many planets are in its sign (see previous post). Venus's damaged condition is problematic for events connected with all the planets in Taurus. The Moon is like the "seconds hand" of the Cosmic Clock. Moon will be in conjunction with Retrograde Venus at 28 deg. Taurus on  Tuesday this week, activating the potential for negative events.
Mercury conjunct Eclipse Point on Thursday, May 24. An eclipse creates a "pothole" in the zodiac that another planet can fall into. Mercury's significations of Information and Communication, Business Transactions, Data Transmission, etc. will be weakened on Thursday of this week as it transits through the eclipse point. Not a good time for starting anything important, scheduling events, etc.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Venus turns Retrograde; Jupiter & Saturn change signs

There are important changes happening in the Heavens this week. Generally, when a number of planetary events happen simultaneously, the situation is Unstable. Therefore this week is not favorable for starting any important new endeavors.
Venus begins its 6 weeks-long retrograde phase on Tuesday, May 15. The planet of Love, Marriage, Guidance, Agreements,Values, Art, and Finance will appear to be moving "in reverse" from night to night until June 27. During this time Venus' significations will be undependable. (For more on Venus, get the current issue of the Vedic Astrology Newsletter). Additionally, Venus is now at 29 deg. Taurus. Planets at the last or first degree of a sign are weak, since they cannot fully manifest their energy while transitioning between two different worlds. The end of Taurus is especially weak for Venus, since it is the Virgo Navamsa (the Navamsa  is a mathematically calculated chart derived from the actual zodiac); Venus is debilitated in Virgo. During a Venus Retrograde period there is Reconsideration, Re-evaluation, and Change in Values and Worth of Relationships, Agreements, Truth, Currencies, Finance.
Saturn enters Virgo on Tuesday, May 15. The planet of Structure, Stability, Order, Obligation, and Suffering has been retrograde since last February. Saturn has now "backed up" in Libra to the point where it will enter into Virgo this week. As usual, a planet changing signs will be Unstable, and not give dependable results. This is particularly a problem with Saturn, as it is the planet of Stability. Since Saturn is just creeping along in the Heavens, the process of changing signs takes several days. Technical point: by entering the end of Virgo, Saturn will join Venus in Virgo Navamsa, which further damages the significations of Venus.
Jupiter enters Taurus on Wednesday, May 16. The planet of Expansion, Prosperity, Optimism, Opportunity, Faith, Religion, and Law is leaving Aries, where is has been for the past year, and now begins a one-year sojourn in Taurus. As usual, a planet changing signs is weakened. Like Venus at the end of Taurus, Jupiter is also disadvantaged in the first degrees of Taurus (the first navamsa of Taurus is Capricorn, Jupiter's sign of debilitation). Also, Jupiter is traveling with the Sun, i.e., it is combust; its significations are "burnt up" which is especially bad for the material significations like Wealth. Jupiter is the planet that represents Banks and Banking... there has already been an event in that area, and there is worse to come.
Both of the Finance/ Prosperity Planets, Venus and Jupiter, are poorly disposed for the rest of May and into June. Meanwhile Saturn, the planet of Structure, Stability, and Established Order, is also weakened. A significant downturn in the Financial Sector is imminent. (for more on events associated with planetary movements, listen to this week's radio show podcast, posted on Monday, May 14).

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Full Moon in Libra, Mercury enters Aries, Jupiter Combust

The Full Moon is today, Saturday May 5, @ 22 deg. Libra. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month Vaishaka. It is a powerful Full Moon, being in the lunar sign Vishakha, known for Attaining Goals and Defeating Enemies. The Moon will simultaneously be at its closest (perigee) to Earth, appearing extra large and bright on Saturday night. The energy is level is Strong, Exciting, and Focused on Results.
Mercury enters Aries on Saturday May 5. The planet of Rational Thought and Logical Decisions leaves Pisces, its sign of debilitation, and enters the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a strong sign for New Beginnings. 
Mercury joins forces with the exalted Sun and Jupiter, in a Fire sign known for New Endeavors, Leadership, Independent Action, and Impatience. Mercury + Jupiter is the planet of Thinking plus the planet of Expansion and Optimism  = Big Ideas and Positive Thinking. Just in time for the Presidential Election in France.
Upon entering Aries, Mercury is directly opposite Saturn, which is on the other side of the zodiac, and retrograde,  @ 1 degree Libra. Saturn opposite Mercury is the Reality Check Planet opposite the planet of Rational Thought, and helps hold Mercury in check, at least for the early part of the week.
Jupiter is now less than 6 degrees from the Sun, and therefore Combust. Jupiter has been visible in the West after Sunset for the past several months, but now the Sun has caught up to Jupiter in the zodiac, and the planet "disappears" for a few weeks, finally reappearing in the East before Sunrise in the last week of the month. When a planet is so close to the Sun we can't see it, it becomes "combust." The planet's material significations get "burnt up." Since Jupiter is the planet of Material Prosperity, this is problematic for Wealth, the Banking Sector, Production, Growth, etc. Simultaneously, Venus the other planet of Prosperity and Finance, has reached the end of Taurus, where it is considered Weak (technical term: Debilitated in the Navamsha). Venus will begin its retrograde phase in another week, further weakening its significations. (for full analysis, get the current issue of the Vedic Astrology Newsletter).