Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Moon in Aries, Mars aspects Neptune, Mercury and Uranus

The New Moon will be next Saturday, April 21, @ 7 deg. Aries. This begins the Hindu lunar month Vaishaka, named for Vishakha, the nakshatra (lunar sign) the Full Moon  falls in, on May 5.  The energy of the coming lunar month is good for Beginning New Projects, Setting Forth to Conquer the Enemy, Initiations, Celebrations, Ceremonies, etc. This New Moon is also auspicious for Beginning New Spiritual Disciplines, especially those requiring Effort and Sacrifice. The New Moon picks up positive expansive energy from Jupiter, which is also in Aries, but simultaneously suffers from the Opposition of Saturn, planet of Limitation and Delay, which is situated across the Heavens in Libra.
Mars has now resumed Direct Motion @ 9 deg. Leo (see previous post). Mars is directly opposite Neptune, pitting the planet of Action and Aggression against the planet of Dreams and Illusions. The result is Confusion and Doubt in Starting Things, and a strong potential for Making Mistakes and Unintended Consequences. This energy pattern becomes less potent in May after Mars begins to pick up speed and move away from Neptune's direct influence.
Mars also sends its 8th house aspect to Mercury and Uranus. In Vedic Astrology the planet of War is considered to project its full force 210 degrees ahead of itself. Planets passing through that point in the zodiac receive a powerful dose of Mars' destructive energy. Mercury is transiting through Pisces, its sign of debilitation (i.e., weakness), and enters the Mars zone of influence this week, with the exact aspect being next Sunday, April 22. The planet of Force and Destruction influences the planet of Communications, Data, The Media. This week is not good for Reasonable Discussions and Evaluation of Facts. Talking Heads will be more belligerent than usual, as well as prone to error, gaffs, etc.
Additionally Uranus is creeping along at 11 -12 degrees of Pisces, with Mercury fast approaching.  Since Uranus is the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, its potential for giving something Violent and Explosive is increased by Mars' influence. Add in Mercury + Uranus = Unusual, Surprising News. Should be a week for Exciting Events. Hopefully you are not yourself at ground zero.
Mars and Sun are in Parivatana Yoga: Mars is in the Sun's sign Leo, while Sun is in Mars' sign Aries. This pattern sets up a mutual exchange of energies. Both are Firey planets, both in each other's fire element signs. A strong pattern for Independent Action, Personal Ambition, and Use of Force.


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