Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mars Aspects

Mercury is exactly conjunct Uranus @ 12 deg. Pisces on Sunday, April 22. The planet of News, Information, Communications, Rational Thought, Reasons, etc.. comes together with the planet of Freedom, Sudden Unexpected Events, Realizations, etc. in the watery Feeling Sign of the Universal Energies. Great combination for Intuition and Enlightenment. Bad for Getting the Facts Straight. From its position in Leo, Mars influences the Mercury-Uranus conjunction through its 8th house/ 210 degree/ Inconjunct Aspect. Mars adds an element of Distortion, Impatience, Belligerence, and Potential for Violence. The Information is Distorted, New Ideas Come Under Attack, The Media Makes Mistakes. Not a good week for important decisions. But still Exciting, even Bizarre, Developments in the News.
Mars gets Strength from Sun in Aries. The Sun is Exalted in Mars' sign, while Mars occupies the Sun's sign. The mutual exchange of energies (parivatana yoga in Vedic Astrology) powers up Mars for more Action. Leo is the sign of Rulers and Governments. But with Mercury under attack, not much chance for Reasonable Action. Mars still opposite Neptune (see previous posts) creates strong potential for Idealism, Imagination, Illusions, and Delusions Influencing Actions. Thus increasing the potential for Actions leading to Mistakes and Unintended Consequences.
Mars aspects Rahu: Mars projects a full force 90 degrees aspect (Square Aspect) ahead of itself in the zodiac, which now lands on Rahu, transiting in Scorpio @ 11 degrees. (Rahu: the North Node of the Moon, i.e., one of the points where the paths of the Sun and Moon cross; an eclipse point). Rahu signifies Material Desires, Deception, Modern Technology, Foreigners. Rahu specifically indicates Secret Government Forces and Agents. Mars is attacking Rahu, which is Bad for Secret Agents, Hidden Actions, Spies, Criminals, Terrorists, etc. The exact aspect will be next week.


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