Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mercury goes Direct, Full Moon in Virgo, Mars Opposite Neptune

Mercury ends its retrograde period on Wednesday, April 4. The planet of Communications, Reason, Rational Thought, Data, Business Transactions, etc., returns to normal forward motion in the zodiac this week. But Mercury is at the very end of Aquarius, basically straddling the line between Aquarius and Pisces for the next several days. This position makes the planet weak for results. Therefore the usual precautions for Mercury Retrograde periods should be observed for another week: Careful of Misunderstandings, Expect Delays, Check to be sure the message got through; Better to wait on making important Decisions.
Full Moon on Friday, April 6, @ 23 deg. Virgo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu month of Chaitra, associated with Creativity, Magic, Appearances, and Illusions.  The lunar month began 2 weeks ago with the conjunction of Moon with Uranus and Mercury, and the Full Moon will be opposite Uranus and Mercury. Thus the energy pattern of Unusual or Unexpected Events and News Stories continues.
Mars, still Retrograde, is opposite Neptune within 2 degrees this week. The planet of Action and Force, already disadvantaged by being retrograde (since January), is picking up more influence from the planet of Dreams, Idealization, Illusions and Deception. This is an evil pattern that contributes to more Deceptive Actions, adds to Distrust of Others, and basically makes forward progress in all areas more doubtful. The energy improves when Mars ends its retrograde period in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Venus enters Taurus, Mars aspect on Uranus

Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, March 28. The planet of Harmony, Compromise, and Agreement enters its own sign, which is usually good. Taurus' significations of Value and Worth are also strengthened. Venus will be joining with Ketu (South Node of the Moon; one of the Eclipse Points), already in Taurus since May 2011, which is not so good. Ketu generally has a subtractive effect on the material world, and its effects in Taurus have led to a lot of Doubt and Instability in the Financial Sector (Euro/ Greek Debt Crisis, etc.). Now Venus comes together with Ketu, which further amplifies problems with Value (i.e., Prices). Venus will be exactly conjunct Ketu on April 9.
Venus will be in Taurus for 4 months, until July 31. Usually Venus takes 3 -4 weeks to transit through a sign. But this transit of Venus will be an extra long time because the planet will travel to the end of Taurus, then enter a retrograde period in mid-May and "back up" for 6 weeks, and then resume normal motion and go through Taurus for a third time. There will be more complications introduced when Jupiter joins in when it enters Taurus in the middle of May. Stay tuned.
Mars will be exactly aspecting Uranus this week. Mars puts out an inimical aspect 8 signs ahead of itself (210 degrees forward in the zodiac). Mars has been retrograde since late January, and is now @ 11  deg. in Leo. Uranus is in Pisces @ 10 degrees. The aspect has been in progress since Mars entered Leo back in October 2011. The retrograde condition of Mars tends to pressurize the energy of the planet of Aggression and Violence. The close interaction with Uranus, planet of Social Revolution, Freedom, Unexpected Events, etc., gives this week a strong potential for Sudden Violent Events. Since Mars is in the sign of Kings and Governments, its aspect on Uranus will likely show up as Violence by Government against a Freedom Movement. The exact 210 degree aspect will be Saturday, March 31.
Retrograde Mercury in the first degree of Pisces: Mercury has been "backing up" in Pisces for a couple of weeks. It now reaches the borderline between Aquarius and Pisces late this week. Mercury is already disadvantaged by being simultaneously retrograde and in its sign of debilitation (see previous posts). It gets further weakened by being at the intersection of two signs. The planet of Rational Thinking and Making Decisions being weak and undependable, combined with the explosive energy of the Mars-Uranus interaction, does not bode well for events this week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mercury Conjunct Uranus, New Moon in Pisces

Mercury will be exactly conjunct Uranus on Sunday, March 18, @ 10 deg. Pisces. The planet of Communications joins with the planet of Unexpected Events creating a strong potential for Surprises in the Media and Communications area during the coming days. Mercury is still Retrograde, increasing the probability of Unusual Circumstances, Misinterpretation of Information, Mistakes, etc. Mars casts an inimical 8th house aspect from its position in Leo, contributing an element of Conflict and potential for Violence.
The New Moon will be on Thursday, @ 8 deg. Pisces. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Chaitra, named for the lunar sign Chitra that the Full Moon falls in on April 6. The New Moon is tightly sandwiched between Retrograde Mercury and Uranus. Thus the lunar month is "born" with the energy of a "backwards" Mercury plus the energy of Uranus= Unpredictable Results and Surprise Events. The month is therefore a poor one for making important decisions or starting important new endeavors.
The New Moon in Pisces is the Beginning of the Lunar New Year. A chart set up for the exact time of the March New Moon at a particular location is used to foretell events for the coming year. Typically this is done for the capital of a country to predict for that country. The New Moon chart for Washington DC gives a Taurus Ascendant, with Ketu close to the Ascendant = Sacrifice and Changes for the USA. Venus and Jupiter, the two Finance planets, show up in the 12th house of Loss. The sign in the 10th house of Government is Aquarius, with its ruler Saturn in the 6th house of Struggle and Difficulty. Retrograde Mars shows up in the 4th house of Lands and The Opposition Party, indicating more trouble this coming year for Agriculture, as well as continued fighting within the Republican Party. The New Moon itself, combined with Retrograde Mercury and Uranus, is in the 11th house of Goals and Rewards, which although it can signify Realizations, is simultaneously Irrational for Making Decisions and Destabilizing for the country's Ambitions.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mercury goes Retrograde, Venus conjunct Jupiter

Mercury will begin a retrograde phase Sunday, March 11, @ 12 deg. Pisces. The planet of Communications, Rational Thinking, Data and Information, The Media, Equipment, etc., will be traveling "backwards" in the sign of Faith and Hope for the next three weeks. The usual precautions for Mercury Retrograde periods should be observed: expect Delays and Misunderstandings in Communications, Check and Re-check that the message got through, Decision-making tends to be less rational, News and Information get Misinterpreted. Mercury is the planet of Business Transactions: Check the Math and Count your Change. Expect annoyances like Equipment Malfunctions (computers, media devices).
This Mercury Retrograde period is likely to be worse than usual due to Mercury being in its sign of Debilitation, i.e., further weakened, as well as being associated with Uranus, planet of Unexpected Events, as well as receiving the 8th house aspect of Mars, planet of Aggression and Anger. Mercury will be retrograde until April 4. There will be now be a total of Three retrograde planets: Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, for the next few weeks. The energy pattern is not favorable for beginning any new important endeavors. But dealing with past issues, or finishing up something nearly done, is appropriate.
Venus will be exactly conjunct Jupiter @ 15 deg. Aries on Wednesday March 14: The two main Benefic planets come together in the Heavens this week. They are easily visible as two bright orbs in the Western sky after sunset. Venus is the lower one presently, and will become the upper light as it passes Jupiter in the middle of the week. This energy pattern tends towards Optimism and Excess. Simultaneously, Jupiter is forming an exact Trine Aspect (120 degrees) to Mars: the planet of Optimism affects the planet of Action. Since the planet of Rational Decisions, Mercury, is in a bad way, there is a tendency to let Positive Expectations Over-rule Reason this week.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Full Moon in Leo with Mars

Mercury will be exactly conjunct Uranus on Monday, March 5, @ 9 deg. Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac. The planet of Communications, Rational Thought and Reasonable Decisions is already at a disadvantage in its sign of debilitation (see previous post). This week Mercury is strongly influenced by the planet of Sudden Events, Freedom, and Rebellion. It's the planet of News and the Media together with the planet of Surprises, so no doubt there will be More Surprising News, as there already has been since Mercury entered Pisces last week. The Mercury-Uranus combination is good for Inspiration, especially in the intuitive sign Pisces. (more on Mercury's situation in the current issue of the Astrology Newsletter).
Mercury is also a planet related to The Weather, together  with Uranus in the USA chart's 4th house of Lands, produces Sudden Weather Events, as has happened just recently. The 4th house of the USA chart is also the Opposition Party, i.e., the Republicans, so we can expect some Unusual Excitement this week from that quarter.
The Full Moon will be on Thursday, March 8, @ 24 deg. Leo. This marks the culmination of the Hindu Lunar Month of Falguna, named for the nakshatra (sign of the lunar zodiac) Purva Phalguni, in which the Full Moon falls. The energy is good for Arts and Entertainment, one of the significations of Purva Phalguni. This Full Moon will also be within several degrees of Retrograde Mars, and can cause activation of the retrograde Mars "pressure cooker" effect, i.e., a potentially Violent Event while Moon is transiting in Leo, Tuesday through Thursday. In any case, we should be careful in our personal lives of the tendency to "go off" on others this week.
Venus and Jupiter are getting closer and closer together in Aries. The exact conjunction will be on March 13. The two planets can be plainly seen in the Western Sky after sunset as two bright discs, with Jupiter currently higher up; Venus brighter and closer to the horizon. Venus the planet of Pleasures, Arts, and Money, is affected by Jupiter the planet of Increase = Excessive Indulgence and Expenditure, especially in a self-centered Fire sign like Aries. The tendency is to Over-estimate what is possible. Be careful of biting off more than you can chew. Mars, the ruler of Aries and the planet of Action, being retrograde, short-circuits the potential to actually deliver. Thus the Jupiter-Venus combination leads to False Confidence.