Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury Opposite Mars

The New Moon will be on Tuesday, February 21, @ 8 deg. Aquarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Falguna, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Purva Phalguni, which will be March 8. The month of Falguna therefore contains the energy of Purva Phalguni, which signifies Entertainment, Enjoyments, Romance, Dealing with Authorities, Use of Persuasion, Confronting Enemies.
The New Moon is conjunct Neptune, which is now at 6 deg. Aquarius. Thus the lunar month is born with the influence of the planet of Dreams,emphasizing Imagination, Idealism, Illusions, Delusion, and the Irrational. Neptune is connected with Sacrifice for Causes and Martyrdom. In another week Mercury, the planet of Rational Thought and Clear Decisions, will become debilitated (i.e., weakened) as it enters Pisces, which will only serve to pile on more energy for Irrational Events during the coming weeks.
Mercury will be Opposite Retrograde Mars this week.  The exact opposition will be Wednesday, February 22: Mercury @ 23 deg. Aquarius vs. Mars @ 23 deg. Leo. When Mars the planet of Action is retrograde, i.e., appearing to be moving "backwards" in the zodiac, it acts like a Pressure-Cooker, building up steam, waiting for something to set it off. Mercury, planet of Communication and the Media, will be the activator this week. Watch for some News which then sets off People's Actions and Events, especially Anger that has been waiting for expression. Similarly, in our personal lives, we have to be careful of our expression which sets off others' pent up emotions.


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