Saturday, February 04, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer, Saturn goes Retrograde, Venus conjunct Uranus, Mercury enters Aquarius

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, February 7, @ 24 deg. Cancer. This marks the culmination of the energy of the Hindu lunar month Paushya. But this year the Full Moon is in the lunar sign Ashlesha, symbolized by the coiled snake, and therefore more portentous than the benign Pushyami, the sign for which the month is named.
The Full Moon will be exactly Opposite to Mercury, which is on the other side of the zodiac in Capricorn. This Full Moon is strong, being in its own (solar) sign Cancer. Thus the Emotions and Instincts of the Moon are pitted against the Rational and Logical qualities of Mercury. The Moon wins the contest.
Saturn goes Retrograde on Tuesday, February 7, @ 5 deg. Libra. The planet of Structure and The Established Order hangs motionless in the Heavens early this week, and then slowly appears to move in Reverse Motion in the zodiac for the next 4 months. The energy pattern thus created is more Stubborn, and Resistant to Change. Saturn is a natural malefic; planets when retrograde are at their closest to the Earth, therefore powerful. Mars, another natural malefic, is also retrograde (see previous posts). With two of the planets that are capable of doing Harm being strengthened in the Heavens, the potential for suffering increases.
Venus will be exactly conjunct Uranus @ 8 deg Pisces on Thursday, February 9. The planet of Love, Treaties, Finance, and Guidance encounters the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, making for a potentially wild week for Venus significations . Some of the possibilities would be: Volatility in the Financial Markets, Breaking of an International Treaty, a Surprise Event in the Entertainment Industry. On Friday, the Moon enters Virgo, opposite to Venus-Uranus, thus adding more energy for further activation for events.
Mercury enters Aquarius on Friday, February 10. The planet of Rational Thinking leaves Pragmatic, Results-oriented Capricorn and enters the sign of Social Idealism and Democracy. While transiting through Aquarius Mercury will be joining forces with Neptune, planet of Dreams, and be Opposite to Mars, which is traveling in Leo, sign of Kings and Governments. The new position of Mercury increases the likelihood of confrontations between democracy-hungry populations and their despotic rulers during the next three weeks.


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