Saturday, January 28, 2012

Venus Opposite Mars, Venus Enters Pisces

This week Venus will be directly opposite Mars in the Heavens. The exact opposition is Wednesday, Feb. 1. Mars benefits from the influence of the natural benefic Venus: the Mars thirst for Passion, Action, Excitement, Drama, etc. gets a boost. But Mars, as a natural malefic, has a detrimental effect on Venus. The significations of  Venus suffer: Compromise, Agreement, Harmony in Relationships, etc. are difficult to achieve during the first part of this week.
Venus enters Pisces Thursday, Feb. 2. While Venus changes signs, and especially while still under the influence of Mars, Venus is weak and vulnerable. But by Friday, Venus is doing much better because now it is in its sign of exaltation. The planet will also have escaped from the detrimental effects of Mars. Venus in the sensitive, hopeful, supportive sign Pisces is more able to manifest its positive traits of Love, Compassion, and Refinement. The downside of Venus in Pisces is Extravagance, Indulgence, Too much Reliance on Hope and Faith.
Venus will be conjunct Uranus in Pisces. Venus joins up with the planet of Unexpected Events, Freedom, Revolution, Inspiration, etc. This combination adds Excitement, but also some Instability, to the significations of Venus. There is potential for Unusual, or Unexpected Events related to Romance, Love Affairs, Compromise and Agreements, and also the Financial Sector, in the latter part of the week and next week. Venus will be exactly conjunct Uranus @ 7 deg. Pisces on Feb. 9.


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