Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Moon, Mars goes Retrograde, Mercury enters Capricorn

The New Moon will be early Monday, January 23, @ 8 deg. Capricorn. This begins the Hindu lunar month of Paushya, named for the Full Moon occuring in the auspicious lunar sign Pushyami, except this year the actual Full Moon will be in Ashlesha. The lunar month carries with it the energy of Practical, Results-oriented Capricorn, plus the energy of Ashlesha, sign of the snake: Intelligent, Cunning, Plotting and Scheming.

Mercury enters Capricorn on Monday, January 23. The planet of Rational Thought and Making Decisions leaves self-righteous Sagittarius and begins a three week sojourn in the sign of Practical Goals.

Mars goes Retrograde on Monday, January 23, @ 29 deg. Leo. The planet of Action and Moving Things Forward will be "backwards" in the Heavens for the next 11 weeks, until April 14. Generally, it is a poor time to begin anything of importance. Mars gives the energy required to make progress; when this planet is retrograde the energy is not as much available. Obstructions, Delays, and even Failure are more likely until mid-April. Mars Retrograde periods are good for Planning, Making Preparations, and Strategizing; getting things ready to move forward once the planet returns to normal forward motion. Mars retrograde is also good for re-doing parts of projects that need to be re-worked and finalized.

Mars is receiving Good Influence from Jupiter, the "Great Benefic" which is currently in Mars' sign Aries and simultaneously sending its energy to Mars through its 120 deg. Trine Aspect. This energy pattern encourages Mars, and helps to keep things positive, even while the delay factor of the retrograde planet slows things down.


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