Saturday, January 07, 2012

Gemini Full Moon, Venus enters Aquarius, Venus conjunct Neptune

The Full Moon will be Monday morning, January 9 (West Coast: Midnight Sunday) @ 24 degrees Gemini. This is the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Paushya, but takes place this year in the lunar sign Purnavasu. Gemini has a strongly Dual Nature. The energy for the weekend is about Feeling Two Ways about everything = Difficulty Making Decisions.
This Full Moon is opposite to Mercury, its dispositor, which is traveling through Sagittarius. Mercury is also being influenced by the trine aspect of its dispositor, Jupiter, from Aries. The exact 120 degree aspect from Jupiter will also be on Sunday, January 8. This double influence on Mercury, planet of Communication, is powerful for Heart-felt Expression of Beliefs and Philosophies, i.e., Dueling Ideologies, which will no doubt be manifest this weekend in New Hampshire in the run-up to that state's Republican Primary. (Another interesting point: Mercury opposite to Full Moon lines up with Newt Gingrich's natal Full Moon in his chart.)
Venus enters Aquarius, Sunday January 8, and will be conjunct Neptune this week. The planet of Compromise and Agreement leaves Practical Capricorn and enters the more Idealistic sign of the Social Revolutionary, Aquarius. Here Venus encounters Neptune, planet of Dreams & Imagination, adding more Reinforcement for Humanitarian Principles, Imaginary Ethical Standards, Devotion to Personal Ideology, etc. The exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune will be on Friday, Jan.13, @ 5 deg. Aquarius. Heating things up further is Mars, transiting in Leo, opposite to and influencing the Venus-Neptune combination. Look forward to an exciting week of Commentators, Candidates, and their Supporters, sounding off, arguing, and attacking each other.


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