Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Moon, Jupiter goes Direct, Mercury conjunct Rahu

The New Moon is on Saturday, December 24, @ 8 degrees Sagittarius. This begins the Lunar Month of Paushya. But this year instead of the Full Moon occuring in the nakshatra Pushyami, it will be in Purnavasu. Either way, the month is considered Auspicious. The auspiciousness of the month gets a boost from Jupiter, which as the dispositor of the New Moon (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) is giving a nearly exact trinal aspect from its position @ 6 degrees Aries.
Jupiter ends its retrograde period Sunday, December 25. The planet of Hope, Optimism, Opportunity, Prosperity, Wisdom, etc., will resume normal forward motion in the zodiac this weekend. While Stationary (appearing to be motionless) Jupiter is very strong; more so as it aspects the New Moon.
The Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are emphasized due to a 3-way parivatna yoga: the Sun is in Sagittarius, whose dispositor Jupiter is in Aries, whose dispositor Mars is in Leo, whose dispositor Sun is in Sagittarius. The qualities of the Fire Signs are strongly emphasized over the next three weeks: Enthusiasm, Beliefs, Honesty, Action. The energy pattern is strong for Expression of Beliefs, Passion for Truth, Heart-felt Action. Careful of Over-confidence and Self-righteousness.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Rahu @ 20 degress Scorpio on Tuesday, December 27. Mercury is simultaneously receiving the square aspect (90 deg) from Mars (exact next Saturday). Rahu as an eclipse point indicates potential Obfuscation and Confusion; Mars' aspect on Mercury indicates potential for Lies and Mendacity. All in the sign Scorpio, known for Investigation, Passion, and Scandal. The passion for Investigation of Scandal gets encouragment from the Fire Sign planets, but simultaneously there will be Denial, Spin, Media Hysteria, etc.


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