Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mercury goes Direct, Venus enters Capricorn

On Tuesday, December 13, Mercury will return to Direct Motion in the zodiac. The planet of Logic, Information, and The Media will end its apparent "backwards" motion amongst the stars and resume normal forward motion @ 9 degrees Scorpio. The significations of Mercury will likewise return to normal over the coming week. Since Mercury is still in Scorpio, together with Rahu, and simultaneously aspected by Mars, many of the recent sorts of problems re Disinformation, Mendacity, Impatient Angry Responses, etc. will continue due to Mars being inimical to Mercury (see previous post). The Scorpio penchant for Investigation, especially of Scandal, is enhanced by the direct motion of the planet of Information. Watch for more Lurid Revelations in the coming weeks. This energy pattern continues until Mercury remains in Scorpio on January 3.
Venus changes signs, entering Capricorn, on Thursday December 15. Once leaving Sagittarius, Venus escapes from the combined aspects of Saturn and Jupiter (see previous posts). But now Venus enters into an even tighter relationship with Saturn, since Venus will be in Saturn's sign, Capricorn, while Saturn is in Venus' sign, Libra. This Parivatana Yoga (exchange of sign rulerships) intimately links the energy of Saturn and Venus for the next few weeks (until Jan. 9). Saturn (and Capricorn), brings a very Practical, Realistic, Results-oriented influence to Venus, the planet of Finance and Agreements. Thus: the Financial Sector must finally stop the past Hopeful (Jupiter) Declarations of Belief and Philosophies (Sagittarius) and now deal with the Harsh Reality (Saturn) and come up with a Practical Response (Capricorn) to deal with the Decline of the Euro. Similarly in other Areas, such as the partisan battles in the USA Congress, some realistic practical middle ground will have to be found to deal with the Financial Realities of this country.


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