Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mars Square Retrograde Mercury, Total Lunar Eclipse

Mars is in an exact 90 deg aspect to Mercury on Sunday, Dec. 4. The planet of Action, Attack, and Destruction is sending its energy directly to the planet of Communications, Logic, and Decisions, which is already operating at a disadvantage due to its retrograde condition. Mercury's Logic and Clarity has been further compromised by its proximity to Rahu, an indicator of Confusion. The effects, which we have been witnessing over the past week as the aspect was forming, tend towards Mistakes made due to Incorrect Data or Misunderstood Communication. The recent mess between the USA and Pakistan over the mistaken bombing of Pakistani troops is an example. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is the planet of Information going backwards in the zodiac, i.e., Revisiting the Past, and in the sign of Investigations. The aspect of Mars, planet of Anger, makes the investigations Contentious. For example: the recent revelations of Herman Cain's past affairs followed by the candidate's angry confused responses have now doomed his campaign.
The Full Moon will be next Saturday, Dec. 10 @ 24 deg. Taurus. This Full Moon will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses signal Changes coming in the Future. The eclipse occurs in the sign Taurus, the sign of Value and Worth. Since Taurus is directly connected with Money and Finance, we can assume that the Value and Worth of Currencies are going to go through some Changes in the coming months. Taurus is also connected with Agricultural Products. Thus the eclipse signals some potential problem in that area as well. The world events associated with the eclipse are more likely to show up in the parts of the Earth where the eclipse is visible, which will be from the West Coast of the USA (visible just before Dawn as the Moon sets) and extending over the Pacific, Asia, and Eastern Europe.


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