Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mars Square Mercury, Mercury enters Sagittarius, Jupiter opposite Saturn

Mercury and Mars are exactly 90 degrees from each other today, Saturday December 31. The "square" aspect of the Attack Planet Mars has been hitting the Communications & Media Planet Mercury for the past several weeks while Mercury has been in Scorpio, the sign of Secrets and Investigations. There have been plenty of examples of Attacks in and on the Media, Computer Hacking, Secrets Exposed, Revelations from Investigations, etc.
On Tuesday, January 3, Mercury enters Sagittarius. When changing signs a planet is weakened, and while transitioning from a Water sign (Scorpio) to a Fire sign (Sagittarius) a planet is gandant, which further weakens its significations. Mercury is the planet of Rational Thought. Therefore Tuesday is Not a good day for Making Decisions. Interesting that the Republicans have chosen this day for the first voting contest in their presidential nominating process!
Once in Sagittarius, Mercury comes under the influence of Jupiter. Sagittarius is one of Jupiter's signs. Jupiter itself while in Aries is sending its Trinal (120 degree) aspect back to its own sign. Thus by moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Mercury will escape the influence of Mars but now come under the influence of benefic Jupiter, the planet of Hope and Faith. Sagittarius is the sign of Belief, Truth, and Philosophies... but always from a Personal Point of View. This combination leads to more Faith in one's Personal Ideologies.
Jupiter and Saturn have moved into a nearly exact opposition to each other. Jupiter has recently returned to Direct Motion (see previous post) at 6 degrees Aries, while Saturn is opposite at 4 degrees Libra. The planet of Hope and Faith influences the planet of Structure and The Established Order for the next several weeks. The planet of Realism & Limitation (Saturn) holds back the excesses of the planet of Expansion (Jupiter). This is good for Stability overall, despite what other things are currently going on in the zodiac.


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