Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mars Square Mercury, Mercury enters Sagittarius, Jupiter opposite Saturn

Mercury and Mars are exactly 90 degrees from each other today, Saturday December 31. The "square" aspect of the Attack Planet Mars has been hitting the Communications & Media Planet Mercury for the past several weeks while Mercury has been in Scorpio, the sign of Secrets and Investigations. There have been plenty of examples of Attacks in and on the Media, Computer Hacking, Secrets Exposed, Revelations from Investigations, etc.
On Tuesday, January 3, Mercury enters Sagittarius. When changing signs a planet is weakened, and while transitioning from a Water sign (Scorpio) to a Fire sign (Sagittarius) a planet is gandant, which further weakens its significations. Mercury is the planet of Rational Thought. Therefore Tuesday is Not a good day for Making Decisions. Interesting that the Republicans have chosen this day for the first voting contest in their presidential nominating process!
Once in Sagittarius, Mercury comes under the influence of Jupiter. Sagittarius is one of Jupiter's signs. Jupiter itself while in Aries is sending its Trinal (120 degree) aspect back to its own sign. Thus by moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Mercury will escape the influence of Mars but now come under the influence of benefic Jupiter, the planet of Hope and Faith. Sagittarius is the sign of Belief, Truth, and Philosophies... but always from a Personal Point of View. This combination leads to more Faith in one's Personal Ideologies.
Jupiter and Saturn have moved into a nearly exact opposition to each other. Jupiter has recently returned to Direct Motion (see previous post) at 6 degrees Aries, while Saturn is opposite at 4 degrees Libra. The planet of Hope and Faith influences the planet of Structure and The Established Order for the next several weeks. The planet of Realism & Limitation (Saturn) holds back the excesses of the planet of Expansion (Jupiter). This is good for Stability overall, despite what other things are currently going on in the zodiac.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Moon, Jupiter goes Direct, Mercury conjunct Rahu

The New Moon is on Saturday, December 24, @ 8 degrees Sagittarius. This begins the Lunar Month of Paushya. But this year instead of the Full Moon occuring in the nakshatra Pushyami, it will be in Purnavasu. Either way, the month is considered Auspicious. The auspiciousness of the month gets a boost from Jupiter, which as the dispositor of the New Moon (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) is giving a nearly exact trinal aspect from its position @ 6 degrees Aries.
Jupiter ends its retrograde period Sunday, December 25. The planet of Hope, Optimism, Opportunity, Prosperity, Wisdom, etc., will resume normal forward motion in the zodiac this weekend. While Stationary (appearing to be motionless) Jupiter is very strong; more so as it aspects the New Moon.
The Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are emphasized due to a 3-way parivatna yoga: the Sun is in Sagittarius, whose dispositor Jupiter is in Aries, whose dispositor Mars is in Leo, whose dispositor Sun is in Sagittarius. The qualities of the Fire Signs are strongly emphasized over the next three weeks: Enthusiasm, Beliefs, Honesty, Action. The energy pattern is strong for Expression of Beliefs, Passion for Truth, Heart-felt Action. Careful of Over-confidence and Self-righteousness.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Rahu @ 20 degress Scorpio on Tuesday, December 27. Mercury is simultaneously receiving the square aspect (90 deg) from Mars (exact next Saturday). Rahu as an eclipse point indicates potential Obfuscation and Confusion; Mars' aspect on Mercury indicates potential for Lies and Mendacity. All in the sign Scorpio, known for Investigation, Passion, and Scandal. The passion for Investigation of Scandal gets encouragment from the Fire Sign planets, but simultaneously there will be Denial, Spin, Media Hysteria, etc.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Solstice, Venus square Jupiter and Saturn

Wednesday, December 21, is the Winter Solstice, the day when the Sun reaches the lowest point of its travel relative to the horizon as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice is the shortest day of the year, with the longest night. The Sun will now "turn around" and its daily path will rise up in the Northern Hemisphere. This turning point is called a Sankranti. Three days on either side of the Sankranti (Dec.19-24) are considered Weak and Unfavorable for Starting Anything Important. It is however, considered good for Spiritual Observances.
Venus, now in Capricorn, will be at the mid-point of the Saturn-Jupiter opposition this week. This position (called a T-Square in Western Astrology) puts Venus under pressure, since it is at 90 degrees to two powerful planets. Venus is simultaneously in a Parivatna Yoga with Saturn: the two planets are exchanging energies by being in each other's signs, puting even more pressure on Venus. Saturn, the Reality Check Planet, is strongly influencing Venus, the planet of Compromise and Agreements, and Finances. The Reality of the Situation forces Venus to create Practical Compromise. For instance: the recent Agreements in the US Congress, which seemed impossible earlier last week, are now a reality. The Financial Sector, i.e. Markets, Currencies, etc. will similarly be forced to Face Reality in the coming week.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mercury goes Direct, Venus enters Capricorn

On Tuesday, December 13, Mercury will return to Direct Motion in the zodiac. The planet of Logic, Information, and The Media will end its apparent "backwards" motion amongst the stars and resume normal forward motion @ 9 degrees Scorpio. The significations of Mercury will likewise return to normal over the coming week. Since Mercury is still in Scorpio, together with Rahu, and simultaneously aspected by Mars, many of the recent sorts of problems re Disinformation, Mendacity, Impatient Angry Responses, etc. will continue due to Mars being inimical to Mercury (see previous post). The Scorpio penchant for Investigation, especially of Scandal, is enhanced by the direct motion of the planet of Information. Watch for more Lurid Revelations in the coming weeks. This energy pattern continues until Mercury remains in Scorpio on January 3.
Venus changes signs, entering Capricorn, on Thursday December 15. Once leaving Sagittarius, Venus escapes from the combined aspects of Saturn and Jupiter (see previous posts). But now Venus enters into an even tighter relationship with Saturn, since Venus will be in Saturn's sign, Capricorn, while Saturn is in Venus' sign, Libra. This Parivatana Yoga (exchange of sign rulerships) intimately links the energy of Saturn and Venus for the next few weeks (until Jan. 9). Saturn (and Capricorn), brings a very Practical, Realistic, Results-oriented influence to Venus, the planet of Finance and Agreements. Thus: the Financial Sector must finally stop the past Hopeful (Jupiter) Declarations of Belief and Philosophies (Sagittarius) and now deal with the Harsh Reality (Saturn) and come up with a Practical Response (Capricorn) to deal with the Decline of the Euro. Similarly in other Areas, such as the partisan battles in the USA Congress, some realistic practical middle ground will have to be found to deal with the Financial Realities of this country.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mars Square Retrograde Mercury, Total Lunar Eclipse

Mars is in an exact 90 deg aspect to Mercury on Sunday, Dec. 4. The planet of Action, Attack, and Destruction is sending its energy directly to the planet of Communications, Logic, and Decisions, which is already operating at a disadvantage due to its retrograde condition. Mercury's Logic and Clarity has been further compromised by its proximity to Rahu, an indicator of Confusion. The effects, which we have been witnessing over the past week as the aspect was forming, tend towards Mistakes made due to Incorrect Data or Misunderstood Communication. The recent mess between the USA and Pakistan over the mistaken bombing of Pakistani troops is an example. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is the planet of Information going backwards in the zodiac, i.e., Revisiting the Past, and in the sign of Investigations. The aspect of Mars, planet of Anger, makes the investigations Contentious. For example: the recent revelations of Herman Cain's past affairs followed by the candidate's angry confused responses have now doomed his campaign.
The Full Moon will be next Saturday, Dec. 10 @ 24 deg. Taurus. This Full Moon will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses signal Changes coming in the Future. The eclipse occurs in the sign Taurus, the sign of Value and Worth. Since Taurus is directly connected with Money and Finance, we can assume that the Value and Worth of Currencies are going to go through some Changes in the coming months. Taurus is also connected with Agricultural Products. Thus the eclipse signals some potential problem in that area as well. The world events associated with the eclipse are more likely to show up in the parts of the Earth where the eclipse is visible, which will be from the West Coast of the USA (visible just before Dawn as the Moon sets) and extending over the Pacific, Asia, and Eastern Europe.