Saturday, November 26, 2011

Venus aspected by Saturn and Jupiter

While transiting in Sagittarius, Venus is being simultaneously aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. While in Libra, Saturn influences the sign three signs ahead of itself: Sagittarius. Libra is one of Venus's signs. Thus Saturn is aspecting and influencing its own dispositor, Venus. Meanwhile Jupiter, transiting in Aries, casts its trinal full-force aspect on it's own sign Sagittarius. Thus Venus is simultaneously being aspected by its dispositor, Jupiter. This combination of influences on Venus gives rise to some interesting results. Jupiter's aspect gives Venus a good dose of Hope and Optimism for Compromise and Agreement. But Saturn as the Reality Check planet holds back, forcing the Venus Idealism to bow to the Limitation of Circumstances. Various conflicts in the world, ranging from National Basketball Association negotiations to Egyptian Protests to Occupy Wall Street Movement, will have to find some reasonable middle ground over the coming weeks.
Meanwhile Mercury, the planet of Communications, is Retrograde, and simultaneously receiving the inimical square aspect of Mars. Since Mercury is transiting in Mars' sign Scorpio, Mars rules over Mercury. The aspect of Mars to Mercury is becoming more exact and therefore intensifying during the coming week(Mars' exact square to Mercury will be Dec. 4). This energy combination creates Impatience and Anger resulting from Misunderstanding and Delay, and raises the stakes on any negotiations proceeding at this time. Since Mars in Leo is also receiving the trinal aspect of Jupiter, there is still Hope that the planet of Truth and Wisdom, influencing so many key planets in the Heavens, will save the day.


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