Saturday, November 26, 2011

Venus aspected by Saturn and Jupiter

While transiting in Sagittarius, Venus is being simultaneously aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. While in Libra, Saturn influences the sign three signs ahead of itself: Sagittarius. Libra is one of Venus's signs. Thus Saturn is aspecting and influencing its own dispositor, Venus. Meanwhile Jupiter, transiting in Aries, casts its trinal full-force aspect on it's own sign Sagittarius. Thus Venus is simultaneously being aspected by its dispositor, Jupiter. This combination of influences on Venus gives rise to some interesting results. Jupiter's aspect gives Venus a good dose of Hope and Optimism for Compromise and Agreement. But Saturn as the Reality Check planet holds back, forcing the Venus Idealism to bow to the Limitation of Circumstances. Various conflicts in the world, ranging from National Basketball Association negotiations to Egyptian Protests to Occupy Wall Street Movement, will have to find some reasonable middle ground over the coming weeks.
Meanwhile Mercury, the planet of Communications, is Retrograde, and simultaneously receiving the inimical square aspect of Mars. Since Mercury is transiting in Mars' sign Scorpio, Mars rules over Mercury. The aspect of Mars to Mercury is becoming more exact and therefore intensifying during the coming week(Mars' exact square to Mercury will be Dec. 4). This energy combination creates Impatience and Anger resulting from Misunderstanding and Delay, and raises the stakes on any negotiations proceeding at this time. Since Mars in Leo is also receiving the trinal aspect of Jupiter, there is still Hope that the planet of Truth and Wisdom, influencing so many key planets in the Heavens, will save the day.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Venus enters Sagittarius, Scorpio New Moon, Mercury goes Retrograde

Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday November 21. The planet of Relationship and Sociability is usually good in the Warm, Enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius. But Sagittarius can be self-centered; not so open to sacrifice and compromise as true love requires. Venus picks up the trinal aspect of its dispositor, Jupiter, transiting in another Fire Sign, Aries. This combination enhances the Sagittarian quality of Seeking Truth and Honesty. Venus will be in Sagittarius until December 15.
The New Moon will be on Thursday, November 24, @ 8 deg. Scorpio. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Margashiras, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Mrigrashira, considered auspicious for Travel, Enjoyments, Socializing, Ceremonies. The energy of the lunar month is somewhat marred by the simultaneously occurance of Retrograde Mercury.
Mercury goes Retrograde on Thursday, November 24, @ 26 deg. Scorpio. The planet of Communications, Rational Thinking, Data and Information, Equipment, Business Transactions, and Travel, will be moving "in reverse" from night to night amongst the stars for the next three weeks, until December 14. This situation is well know for producing annoyance due to misunderstandings, delayed communications, and equipment scew-ups. Best to anticipate the problems by checking and re-checking that the message got through, that what was intended was what got heard, etc. This Mercury Retrograde period has additional problems due to the square (90 deg) aspect of Mars, the planet of Impatience and Anger, resulting in Misunderstandings progressing easily into Arguments and Conflict. Careful to keep Patience and not dive into things too quickly.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturn enters Libra, Sun and Mars Exchange Signs

On Monday, Nov. 14, Saturn enters Libra in the Sidereal Zodiac. After spending 2 years and 2 months traveling through Virgo, the planet of Restriction and Structure advances into the next sign and will express itself through this new position for the next three years (until November 2014). Saturn moves very slowly, so for the next week it will be sandhi, i.e., on the edge of a sign, and therefore Weak and Vulnerable. Saturn significations will suffer some, but only at first. There will be continued uncertainty about where things are going. But as the planet advances further into Libra, more of the energy pattern becomes obvious. Saturn is considered exalted in Libra, allowing more of its favorable qualities to manifest. The planet of Structure in the sign of Peace and Idealism. The planet of Responsibility in the sign of Balance. Further, for the next six months Saturn will enjoy the aspect of benefic Jupiter, which is transiting on the opposite side of the zodiac in Aries. Jupiter lends support and encouragement to Saturn.
The Sun moves into Scorpio on Wednesday, November 16
. After spending the last month in its sign of debilitation, Sun now advances into a sign more favorable to its energy. This creates a parivatna yoga between Mars and the Sun for the next four weeks. Mars is in Sun's sign Leo, while Sun is in Mars' sign Scorpio. Further, Mars is aspecting its own sign, and the Sun, through its fourth house ("square") aspect.
It's a powerful relationship between Sun, the planet of Power, Governments, and Authority, and Mars, the planet of Action, Force, and Results. The two signs involved, Leo and Scorpio, are not shy about using power. Both of these are Fixed signs, i.e., determined, not likely to back down. The energy will be for resolution, likely by force, of various stalemates that have been brewing over the past months.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Venus and Mercury in Graha Yuda, Full Moon in Aries

Venus and Mercury will be exactly conjunct, within one degree, this entire week. Mercury usually moves faster through the zodiac than Venus, but Mercury is now slowing down as it prepares to go retrograde at the end of the month. Mercury now paces Venus, sharing the same degree, which in Vedic Astrology is called "Graha Yuda" or Planetary War. The two celestials are in rapt conjunction with each other as they move through Scorpio. Mercury the planet of Rational Thinking and Information is in a struggle with Venus the planet of Pleasures. Both planets are simultaneously receiving the aspect of Mars. The result is a lot of Confusion and Scandal as the Rational Principle gets contaminated by the Pleasure Principle in the Sign of Secrets and Passions while being influenced by the planet of Aggression and Destruction, Mars. Be Careful of Speaking (Mercury) out of Passion (Venus) which results in Swift Destructive Action (Mars). (Example: the US General who got relieved of his command after making inappropriate remarks about President Karzai)
Mars in Leo is directly opposite to Neptune in Aquarius from Saturday through Tuesday, with the exact opposition on Monday Nov.7: The planet of Actions in the sign of Leaders and Governments is influenced by the planet of Dreams and Illusions, adding more Confusion to the course of events this week, especially as related to Government Leaders (such as the whole mess in Greece).
The Full Moon will be on Thursday, Nov. 10, @ 24 deg. Aries: This is the culmination of the lunar month of Ashvini, in a sign that loves Action and Taking Risks. The energy of this Full Moon is boosted by Jupiter, which is also occupying Aries, adding Optimism and Faith, but also potential for Over-confidence and Recklessness, to the energy pattern this week.