Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mars enters Leo, Mars opposite Neptune

On Sunday, October 30, Mars will enter Leo. Usually Mars takes about 6 weeks to transit through a sign. But for this transit Mars will stay in Leo for a long time: 7 1/2 months. Mars will transit all the way through Leo, turn retrograde in late January and reverse direction in Leo, and then turn around in mid-April and proceed through Leo a third time, finally exiting on June 21, 2012.
The energy of Mars is compatible with Leo: the planet of Action in the sign of Authority indicates a lot of activity during the coming months, especially from Leaders and Governments. Mars is encouraged by the trine (120 deg.) aspect of Jupiter, the planet of Wisdom, Hope, and Optimism, which is transiting in Mars' sign Aries. Mars will be the dispositor of several planets for the next few weeks: Jupiter in Aries, and Mercury, Venus, and Rahu in Mars' sign Scorpio. Mars also sends its special 4th house (square, 90 deg.) aspect into Scorpio, its own sign. All of these patterns contribute to Mars being a very strong and important planet for the next several weeks.
But there are a couple of problems:
Mars will be opposite to Neptune, the planet of Dreams and Illusions, transiting on the other side of the zodiac in the early degrees of Aquarius. Neptune sends its energy for Illusion and Delusion to Mars making the planet of Action Idealistic as well as Unrealistic. The simultaneous trinal aspect from Jupiter in Aries can give False Optimism. Since Mars is in the sign of Kings and Governments, we can expect Lack of Realism, and mis-steps, from our Leaders during coming weeks.
The Sun, the ruler of Leo, and thus the dispositor of Mars, is debilitated in Libra, and simultaneously Papakatari, i.e., hemmed between the two malefics: Rahu in Scorpio and Saturn in Virgo. Since the Sun also represents Rulers and Governments, there is even more energy for Screw-Ups from The People in Charge. The situation with the Sun will improve when it leaves Libra and moves to Scorpio in mid-November.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Moon, Diwali, Venus and Mercury enter Scorpio

The New Moon will be on Wednesday, Oct. 26, @ 9 deg. Libra. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Karttika, associated with Overcoming Enemies and Defeating the Demons. The New Moon will be closely aspected by Jupiter, opposite at 11 deg. Libra, which lends Hope and Prosperity. But since Jupiter is Retrograde, the results are Delayed.
This New Moon is an important Hindu Holiday, called Diwali, "The Festival of Lights" celebrating the Victory of Good over Evil. Lighting of Candles surronding one's home, giving of sweets, Puja in favor of Laxmi, Ganapati, Rama, etc.
Venus will enter Scorpio on Friday, Oct. 28. Venus will be receiving the square (90 deg) aspect of Mars this week, exact on Wednesday, Oct 26. While changing signs a planet is Weak, and in this case also receiving an inimical aspect from a debilitated Mars. The energy pattern is Unfavorable for Venus significations at the end of the week, i.e., not good for Agreement, Treaty, Romance, etc. Financial Sector and Entertainment Sector will likely take a hit.
Mercury enters Scorpio on Saturday, Oct. 29. As with Venus, Mercury is also receiving the inimical square aspect from Mars in Cancer, and will likewise have its significations suffer while changing signs: Communications, Business Transactions, Logical Thinking, The Media, etc. are under stress at the end of this week.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sun, Venus, Mercury in Libra, Opposite Jupiter

On Monday Oct.17 the Sun joins with Mercury and Venus in Libra. The sign of Balance, Harmony, and Agreement gets extra attention during the next couple of weeks. The Sun represents Authority, including Governments, Mercury is the Intellect, including Ideas and Decisions, and Venus wants Everybody to Be Nice. The potential is there for Compromise, Treaty, Successful Contract, etc.
Jupiter is still retrograde on the opposite side of the zodiac, in Aries. Jupiter's aspect on the Libra combination is mostly Positive: the planet of Wisdom and Faith helps by giving Optimism to the Sun-Mercury-Venus energy pattern. But Jupiter is Retrograde. In Vedic Astrology the aspect of a retrograde planet, even if benefic, can retard any real action or accomplishment. Thus there is a lot of Hope and Talk, but nothing concrete.
On Sunday, Oct.16, Mercury will be exactly opposite Jupiter. The planet of Expansion influences the planet of Ideas =Big Ideas. In Libra, the sign of Social Idealism, the discussion continues over what sort of society we want to live in.
Mars is still in Cancer, at 90 degrees to the Libra-Aries pattern, and therefore at odds with the energy for agreement. Mars is Impatient for Results and prone to Anger in the emotional sign Cancer, sign of The Public. The energy of Mars in Cancer gets a boost when Moon transits through Cancer, from Wednesday through Friday, Oct. 19-21. The potential for Violence is strongest on Friday, when the Moon will be exactly conjunct Mars.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Mercury enters Libra, Full Moon in Pisces, Saturn Combust

Mercury will leave Virgo and enter Libra on Sunday, Oct 9. Mercury now joins Venus, already transiting in Libra. For the next three weeks both Venus and Mercury are exchanging energy with Jupiter, which is opposite in Aries. This is overall a benefic combination. Venus the planet of Sociability and Agreement is happy in its own sign. Mercury the planet of Rational Thought enhances Libra qualities of Fairness and Balance. Jupiter opposite adds Hope and Optimism. The downside is that Jupiter is also retrograde, therefore adding a delay factor in realizing the goals and promise of this planetary pattern. Jupiter's energy of Expansion also raises the expectations of Venus and Mercury, but can't necessarily deliver on those expectations.
Meanwhile Mars, planet of Action and Fast Results, is unhappy in Cancer, sign of The Public, and in "square" aspect to the Venus-Mercury-Jupiter combination, adding in an element of Impatience which creates Anger when results aren't forthcoming. Most notably this energy pattern is showing up as public protests and demonstrations all over the world. This pattern continues for most of the rest of October.
Saturn is now deeply combust the Sun at the end of Virgo. When a planet gets within a few degrees of the Sun, its significations suffer. Saturn as the planet of Structure makes things Real. While combust Saturn can't deliver. So once again, the Idealistic Expectations of Venus-Mercury opposite Jupiter are not likely to see real results this coming week.
The Full Moon is on Tuesday, Oct. 11, @ 24 deg. Pisces. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Ashvina. The Full Moon will be nearly exactly opposite to combust Saturn. Since the lunar month started out with the New Moon together with Saturn, there is a strong connection in this lunar cycle with the planet of Realism, Structure, and Accomplishment. Unfortunately Saturn in its present condition cannot deliver much.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Venus enters Libra, Mercury conjunct Saturn

Venus will enter Libra on Tuesday Oct. 4. Venus will be weak while changing signs Monday and Tuesday. While still in its sign of debilitation and under the influence of Saturn (see previous posts) until it exits Virgo, Venus is simultaneously in the Virgo navamsha, i.e., "double debilitated." Therefore Venus significations are especially vulnerable this weekend and until Tuesday.
Venus will be in better shape when it is in its own sign Libra; Venus significations improve later in the week.
While in Libra for most of October, Venus will be opposite to Jupiter, which is currently retrograde on the other side of the zodiac, in Aries. Venus as the planet of Agreements receives energy from Jupiter the planet of Hope and Faith. Venus in Libra emphasizes the Libra qualities of Fairness and Balance. However, Venus will also be receiving the inimical "square" aspect of Mars, which is in its sign of debilitation, Cancer. Mars in Cancer is volatile: Cancer is the sign of the Public, and Mars in Cancer= The Public's Anger and Impatience (note all of the demonstrations occuring in countries around the world). With Venus opposite Jupiter, the Hopes for Fairness and Equality are raised, but with Jupiter retrograde, the Justice (Jupiter = Law) is "Held Back."
Mercury and Saturn will be conjunct on Thursday, Oct. 6: This week Mercury the planet of Rational Mind, therefore Decisions, is in close contact with Saturn, the planet of Harsh Reality. Mostly this promotes Realistic Decisions, but with strong potential for unpalatable outcomes.