Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Moon, Jupiter Retrograde

The New Moon will be Sunday, Aug. 28, @ 12 degrees in Leo. This marks the beginning of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which will be on September 11. The month of Bhadrapada has a reputation for events of extreme difficulty. Some recent examples: the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, the Financial Meltdown of 2008. Generally, it is not an auspicious month for beginning important endeavors, which tend to encounter difficulties and suffering. The energy of the month is more suited to Endings, Dangerous Deeds, Doing Penance.
Jupiter enters its Retrograde Phase on Tuesday, Aug. 30. Jupiter appears to hang motionless in the Heavens, at 16 deg. Aries, and then starts moving backwards against the backdrop of the stars, until Dec. 25, when it will resume its normal forward motion in the zodiac. When a planet is retrograde it is at its closest to the Earth, therefore bright in the sky, therefore strong. But by going "backwards" the planet is not expressing its energy in a normal manner. The planet of Opportunity is retracing its steps amongst the stars. Therefore, look for Opportunity in the Past, i.e., it is useful to revisit the past and recultivate potentials that did not initially bear fruit.
(for more discussion on Bhadrapada and Jupiter Retrograde, listen to Monday's podcast of the "Stars of India" radio show, posted on Aug.29)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Venus opposite Neptune, Mars square Saturn, Mercury goes Direct

Venus will be exactly opposite to Neptune on Sunday, Aug.21. The planet of Worth and Value is being influenced by the planet of Dreams and Confusion. Venus is still deeply combust (near exact conjunction with the Sun) this week (see previous post); material significations of Venus have been suffering: Financial Markets remain in turmoil. Venus and Sun are in Leo, the sign of Kings and Governments. As Venus signifies Finance, the confusion and doubts prompted by opposing Neptune are about the finances of various governments.
Mars will be exactly square to Saturn on Thursday, Aug. 25. Mars is considered to throw a full force aspect 4 signs (90 deg) ahead of itself; Saturn throws a full force aspect to the 10th sign (270 deg) ahead of itself. Mars and Saturn are therefore in mutual aspect. These two planets are enemies in Vedic Astrology. Mars the planet of Violence and War challenges Saturn the planet of Structure and Stability. Saturn the planet of Restriction and Control tries to hold Mars back. The rather unstable energy pattern gets a further boost when the Moon enters Gemini on Tuesday. Moon's exact conjunction with Mars will be on Thursday, @ 20 deg. Gemini, just when the Mars-Saturn aspect will be exact.
Mercury goes Direct on Friday, Aug.26, @ 24 deg Cancer. The planet of Communications and Rational Decisions ends its three weeks long retrograde period at the end of this week. Mercury's significations will begin to improve, but some effects will still linger for another week as the planet "gets back up to speed" in its normal forward motion through the zodiac.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sun, Venus, and Mercury Conjunct and Changing Signs

On Tuesday, August 16, the Sun and Venus, while exactly conjunct, will together leave Cancer and enter Leo. Simultaneously, Mercury, still retrograde, will "back into" Cancer from Leo. The three planets will all be conjunct at the very end of Cancer. Although the conjunction of Sun and Mercury is not considered adverse, since Mercury is not behaving normally due to its retrograde motion, this conjunction is suspect. Significations of Mercury are not to be trusted: careful in all communications; check to see that what was intended was what got heard. Venus is considered to suffer greatly from combustion. The planet of Value and Guidance is invisible: Values are hard to determine; pundits are prone to be inaccurate. The past week saw markets swing wildly: hard to determine value. This coming week is likely to be similar.
The border between a water sign, Cancer, and a fire sign, Leo, is considered a vulnerable area in Vedic Astrology, called Gandant. Planets transiting through the final degree of a water sign and first degree of a fire sign have their significations weakened. Thus, Monday through Wednesday is a poor time for scheduling any important action.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Retrograde Mercury opposite Neptune, Mars opposite Pluto, Full Moon

Mercury, Retrograde in Leo, will be exactly opposite Neptune on Monday August 8: The planet of Rational Thinking is opposed by the planet of the Irrational all this week. Both planets are moving "backwards" in the Heavens, which makes the interaction more problematic. Neptune's influence on Mercury boosts Imagination and Creativity, but causes Confusion and is detrimental to clear thinking and making good decisions.
The exact oppostion of Mars and Pluto occurs on Wednesday, Aug 10. Mars as the planet of Confrontation, Aggression, War, and Destruction is exchanging influence with Pluto the planet of Total Dissolution and Regeneration. There is potential for a large-scale event causing Major Change this week. On Tuesday, the Moon will be in Sagittarius and conjunct Pluto, adding more energy to the opposition for an event.
Venus is within 2 degrees of the Sun this week, starting on Monday. Venus is in "deep combustion" and its significations "are destroyed" ....Values are hard to determine; the Financial Sector continues to be volatile.
The Full Moon is next Saturday, Aug. 13, @ 26 deg. Capricorn. This is the culmination of the energies of the lunar month of Shravana, considered good for Religious Ceremony, etc. (see previous post). However, this year the August Full Moon is actually in the lunar sign Dhanishta, altering the traditional interpretation of the month. One of the themes of Dhanishta is "To be an Instrument of God." Combined with the powerful destructive force of the Mars-Pluto opposition this week, we can see more examples of people in various parts of the world going to extremes in expressing their beliefs.