Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Moon in Cancer, Mercury goes Retrograde

Today, Saturday July 30, is the New Moon, in Cancer @ 13 degrees. This marks the beginning of the Hindu month Shravana, considered auspicious for Religious Ceremony, Taking Preventive Measures, Beginning a Course of Study or Self-improvement. The New Moon is in conjunction with Venus, which lends its energy to the coming lunar month.
Mercury will begin its Retrograde Phase on Tuesday, August 2. Mercury will turn retrograde @ 7 deg. of Leo. The planet of Communications, Logic, Reasoning, Discrimination, Equipment, and Business Transactions will be "backwards" in the Heavens for the next three weeks. The significations of Mercury suffer during its retrograde phase: Communications get Delayed and/ or Misinterpreted, Equipment tends to Malfunction, people are Less Reasonable. The best recourse is to check and recheck to make sure the message got through, expect delays and misunderstanding, and compensate by being extra careful. This is generally a bad time to begin anything important, since the birth chart of any new endeavor will then have Mercury retrograde in it and always be plagued with delays, misunderstandings, etc.
Mercury goes retrograde opposite Neptune, which itself is retrograde and barely moving @ 6 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Rationality, already disadvantaged, is influenced by the energy of the planet of Dreams, Idealism, and Deception. Additionally, Mars and Saturn are in Mercury's signs: Mars is in Gemini, and Saturn is in Virgo. Both of these planets are considered "natural malefics" in Vedic Astrology, i.e., they represent difficulties, and are simultaneously influencing each other by mutual aspect ("square" or 90 deg.) as well as influencing Mercury by being in its signs. Combined with the retrograde condition of Mercury, and its opposition by Neptune, the overall energy pattern is one that signals a lot of Difficulty, Delay, Bad Decisions, Frustration, Anger, etc. for the coming weeks. Best to be careful and stick to routine actions. The problems will abate in three weeks, after Mercury returns to normal direct motion on August 26.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Venus enters Cancer, Mars enters Gemini, Mercury opposite Neptune

Venus enters Cancer today, Saturday July 23. A planet is weakened while it is changing signs. Venus is also Combust (see previous post). Thus all of Venus' significations have been suffering and continue to do so while the planet is vulnerable: Agreement and Compromise are hard to achieve (such as the collapse of Debt Ceiling negotiations in Washinton DC). The Value and Worth of things are hard to determine, resulting in volatility in the Financial Sector.
The Mars-Ketu conjunction is exact today, Saturday July 23. Since Ketu (south node of the Moon, i.e., one of the eclipse points) is considered in Vedic Astrology to have "Mars-like" qualities, this is a double Mars energy pattern, giving a strong potential for Violent and Destructive Events. The Terrorist Attack in Norway may not be the only example; more events of a destructive nature are possible over the next few days.
Mars enters Gemini on Monday, July 25. The planet of Aggression and Fast Results is not comfortable in the sign of Diplomacy. As Mars changes signs it will be opposite to the June 15 total eclipse point (Sagittarius 0 degrees). There is high potential for some "game-changer" event early in the week. Simultaneously, Mars will be conjunct the natal Mars of the USA chart, @ 1 deg. Gemini, the 7th house of "partner countries." This too is a warning for potentially Violent or Destructive Action regarding the USA and its allies. The Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday, adding more energy for events in general and specifically concerning the USA and its partner countries.
Mercury will be exactly opposite Neptune on Thursday, July 28. The planet of Rational Thought, now in early degrees of Leo, is slowing down to a crawl in the Heavens as it prepares to turn retrograde on August 2. Simultaneously it is directly opposite Neptune, planet of Dreams, Illusions and Deception, which itself is retrograde and nearly motionless at 6 deg. Aquarius. The influence of Neptune on Mercury is not a good one, since it is the planet of the Irrational affecting the planet of the Thinking; i.e., not favorable for rational decisions this week.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mercury enters Leo, Venus Combust, Mars Conjunct Ketu

Mercury changes signs, entering Leo, on Wednesday, July 20. The planet of Rational Decisions leaves the emotional water sign Cancer and enters the sign of Kings and Governments. Overall this is a better situation for Mercury (and may be a better situation for governments as well). However, across the zodiac from Mercury is Neptune, @ 6 deg. Aquarius: the planet of Dreams and Illusions opposes the planet of Reason and Rationality. Thus we have to be on guard for decisions being influenced by irrational ideals and illusions (and so we can't count on governments making the right decision after all).
Venus is now combust the Sun. When a planet gets too close to the Sun it can no longer be seen in the Heavens and thus the significations of the planet suffer. Venus has been the "Morning Star" i.e., visible before Dawn in the East, for the past several months. It will catch up to the Sun over the next few weeks, and then pass over the Sun, and finally reappear as the "Evening Star" in the West after Sunset, in mid-September. Thus, for the next two months, the energy of Venus will be compromised. Venus is one of the planets of Guidance (the other is Jupiter). When we can't see Venus we are "without guidance." Venus is the planet of Value: when it is invisible it is harder to determine the true value of something. Therefore the next several weeks is a poor time for making decisions about important expenditures.
Mars is conjunct Ketu on Saturday, July 23, @ 28 deg. Gemini. The planet of Action and Violence comes together with the planet of Past Karma and Material Dissolution. This is a rather problematic combination which has been building in intensity over the past several weeks (see previous posts). The energy pattern is unfavorable for significations related to the Earth sign Taurus, the sign of Materiality, Worth, Crops, Wealth from the Earth. Earthquakes, Drought, Fires, Volcanic Eruption, etc. have already been manifesting in the world and will continue to intensify this week. The Financial Sector continues to be stressed, and the ongoing financial crisis in Europe and the USA becomes severely pressurized... even more so now that Venus (planetary ruler of Taurus and significator of Finance) is combust, thereby creating more uncertainty.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Guru Purnima

There are no significant changes in planetary patterns this coming week.
The Full Moon will be on Thursday, July 14, near Midnight (Pacific Coast Time; early AM on Friday elsewhere in the USA), @ 28 deg. Sagittarius. This marks the culmination of the lunar month of Ashada. In the Hindu tradition this Full Moon is celebrated as Guru Purnima. It is an important day for Ceremony to Give Thanks to Your Guru /Teacher(s). Refer to India Websites for instructions on Puja and Ceremony. (Please note that since India Time is 12 hours ahead of USA, India websites indicate Guru Purnima to be on Friday, July 15; Full Moon @ Noon).
Announcement: the July-August issue of The Vedic Astrology Newsletter is now available.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Mars with Ketu, Uranus goes Retrograde

There are no major changes in planetary patterns this coming week.
However, some ongoing planetary patterns are getting stronger.
Mars, advancing in Taurus, is making its way towards conjunction with Ketu (South Node of the Moon; one of the eclipse points). Both Mars and Ketu share the quality of Fire and Destruction. Thus their combined action while both occupy Earth sign Taurus, is detrimental to crops, lands, buildings, etc. The ongoing wildfires in Southwest USA are one example.
Taurus is the sign of Value and Worth, Mars is the planet of War, Ketu signifies Changes: the ongoing battles over making changes to budgets, financial values, opposing notions of what is important, etc., is another expression of this planetary combination. The energy of Mars + Ketu intensifies as they get closer to exact conjunction, which will be on July 23.
Uranus turns retrograde at the end of this week (retrograde: the apparent backwards motion of a plant in the zodiac). Uranus, another significator of Changes, has progressed in Pisces as far as it will go this year. This week the planet is Stationary, i.e., appearing to hang motionless in the Heavens, as it prepares to enter its retrograde phase for the next five months. A stationary planet is considered especially powerful for giving its effects. As the planet of Freedom and Rebellion, and while still in opposition to Saturn, the planet of Order and Stability, Uranus forms an energy pattern that promises no letup of the pressure for Change on established governments, structures, and the status quo.