Saturday, June 25, 2011

Venus enters Gemini, Mercury enters Cancer, New Moon

On Tuesday, June 28, Mercury will enter Cancer. The planet of Rational Thought doesn't do as well in a Feelings-oriented Water sign. Thus some of the natural significations of Mercury are weakened for the next few weeks. However, Mercury in Cancer is good for intuitive thought, and since the sign Cancer is connected with The Masses, the Political Arena gets more emphasis.
Venus changes signs, entering Gemini, on Tuesday June 28 (or early Wednesday AM on the West Coast of the USA). The planet of Agreement and Creativity does well in the Idea sign Gemini. Gemini is the sign of Diplomacy; being able to see things from many angles, so this transit gives some hope for making progress in negotiations over the coming weeks.
While changing signs, Venus is in some danger, as it will be exactly conjunct Ketu, the South Node of the Moon (see previous post). Venus will simultaneously be opposite the June 15 Lunar Eclipse point (0 deg. Sagittarius). Therefore we can expect further developements, mostly negative, on Tues-Wednesday concerning Venus' significations: Financial Markets, Agreements and Compromise, The Arts and Celebrities, etc., are likely to suffer.
The New Moon will be on Friday, July 1, @ 15 deg Gemini. This begins the lunar month of Ashada, considered a good month for making progress or initiating contacts. Since Venus will have already entered Gemini, the sign of the New Moon, this lunar month carries with it the significations of the planet of Harmony, further enhancing Ashada's potential for Accomplishment.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Venus sandwiched between Ketu and Mars

As Venus advances through Taurus this week and next, it is getting closer to Ketu (south node of the Moon, one of the eclipse points), which is hanging out at the end of the sign: 29 deg. Taurus. The exact conjunction will be Tuesday June 28. Meanwhile, Mars, having entered Taurus last week, is at the other end of the sign. In Vedic Astrology, Ketu and Mars both are considered natural malefics, i.e., having the potential to cause harm.
Mars and Ketu both have the quality of Fire: fast-acting and destructive. Thus, Venus and its significations are not expected to do well during the rest of this month. Agreements, Compromise, Balance are all hard to achieve. Venus as the planet of Money indicates that the Financial Sector is going to suffer. Venus represents the Arts and Entertainment: another celebrity is likely to pass away.
Meanwhile, Uranus at 10 degrees Pisces is still opposite to Saturn at 16 degrees Virgo. The planet of Rebellion and Revolution continues to cause problems for the planet of Structures and the Established Order: the situation in the Middle East shows no signs of abatement. From Wednesday until Friday the Moon will be in Pisces, adding more energy on the Uranus side of the equation and creating increased likelihood of disruptive and violent events.
Mercury continues its transit through Gemini, the 7th house of the USA chart. Mercury, the planet of Diplomacy, in its own sign, and affecting a number of the USA natal planets, is a hopeful sign for progress in negotiations with partner countries. But with Venus, planet of Agreement, under assault from both sides, it is unlikely that there will be an end of hostilities anywhere.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Gemini, Total Lunar Eclipse, Saturn goes Direct

There are several notable Astrological Events in the Heavens this week:
Mars changes signs on Sunday, June 12: The planet of Action and Combat moves from its own sign Aries and enters Taurus, where it will be for the next 6 weeks. Mars joins up with Venus, already in Taurus, for the rest of this month. The two gender planets together generate Passion for Action. Taurus is a results-oriented sign, interested in getting Value for the Effort: the next few weeks should be productive on many levels.
Mercury changes signs on Monday, June 13: The planet of Communication and Business Transactions enters its own sign Gemini, where it remains for only two weeks. Mercury is the planet of Reason, in the sign of Diplomacy, favors coming to agreements, making deals, etc.
The Full Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse, occurs Wednesday, June 15, @ 0 deg. Sagittarius. This culminates the energy of the lunar month Jyeshta, but occurs just over the line in the following lunar sign Mula. This point in the zodiac, 0 deg. Sagittarius, is known as Gandant, the border between two incompatible elements: a water sign (Scorpio) and a fire sign (Sagittarius). A Planet located here tends to cause trouble.
Total Eclipses signify upcoming changes and major events. The event does not usually occur at the time of the eclipse, but rather later, when another planet subsequently transits the degree of the eclipse, or opposite to it. Venus will transit opposite the eclipse point when it enters Gemini on June 30. Mars will likewise transit opposite the eclipse point when it enters Gemini on July 25. These dates, as well as the days immediately before and after, should be watched for significant developments. The effects of Mars are particularly suspect, as it is the planet most likely to create crisis, especially those of a sudden and violent nature. (Get more Details by listening to a discussion on the weekly radio show, posted on Monday afternoon, June 13)
This week Saturn Goes Direct @ 16 deg. Virgo. The planet of Obligation, Limitation, Structure, the Established Order, which has been retrograde in Virgo since the end of last January, now returns to normal forward progress in the Zodiac. This celestial event improves the potential for progress to be made in various areas that have stubbornly resisted change over the past months.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Venus in Taurus, Uranus opposite Saturn

Today, Saturday June 4, Venus enters Taurus. While changing signs a planet is weak. Venus as the significator of Finance gave markets a shock June 2 -June 3. But once it is secure in its own sign Taurus this coming week, Venus will give more positive results in the Financial Sector. Taurus is the sign of Value and Tangible Worth. Thus there is more focus on the Real Value of things while Venus remains in Taurus through June. Venus as the planet of Agreement in practical Taurus will help to bring about Realistic Compromise during the coming weeks.
Saturn, retrograde @ 16 deg. Virgo, has been opposed by Uranus, now @ 10 deg. Pisces, for the past few months. Saturn the planet of Structures is challenged by Uranus the planet of Sudden Unexpected Change, i.e., Disruption and Disaster: numerous natural disasters have occurred throughout the world in the past months. This energy pattern is reaching its peak intensity now that Saturn is coming to the end of its retrograde phase, a time when the planet appears to hang motionless in the Heavens.
Saturn is also the planet of The Established Order, and in the world of humans, that means long-term governments, which have been in difficulty all this year due to the opposition of Uranus, the planet of Revolution. The situation in various countries with oppressed populations battling entrenched dictators and institutions continues unabated during the next several weeks. On Thursday and Friday June 9-10, the waxing Moon will be in Virgo, activating the Saturn side of the opposition, adding more energy and liklihood for dramatic events.