Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mercury and Venus in Taurus, New Moon in Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, May 30. Mercury will now separate from the influence of Mars for a couple of weeks, thereby improving Mercury's significations. The planet of Rationality and Reason does better in the pragmatic Earth sign Taurus.
Venus will join Mercury in Taurus on Saturday, June 4. By separating from Mars and entering its own sign, the significations of Venus will also show improvement for most of the month of June. Venus and Mercury together in Taurus is more favorable for rational discussion and finding compromise: the potential for Practical Agreements is increased. Mercury is the planet of Business Transactions, Venus is one of the Financial Planets, and Taurus is the sign of Worth and Value thus favoring Business Deals and the Financial Sector.
Mars stays with Jupiter in Aries until June 12, when it too moves into Taurus. Until then, the planet of Aggression plus the planet of Beliefs continues to encourage protests, demonstrations, impassioned speeches, etc.
The New Moon will be on Wednesday, June 1, @ 17 deg. Taurus. This begins the lunar month of Jyestha, named for the lunar sign of the Full Moon on June 15. Except this year the Full Moon will be just past Jyeshtha, @ 0 deg. Sagittarius, which is in the lunar sign Moola. The energy of this lunar month is compromised because the Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, which will be at a particularly weak and problematical degree in the zodiac. The energy of this month is generally good for Mature Actions, Victory over Enemies, Use of Authority.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Venus conjunct Mars; Graha Yuda

Venus will be exactly conjunct Mars on Monday, May 23, @ 15 deg. Aries. Venus moves faster than Mars and will pass Mars in the middle of Aries this week. The two planets can be seen with the naked eye just above the Eastern Horizon before Sunrise. Mercury and Jupiter are also close by: Jupiter a little higher up; Mercury a little closer to the horizon.
When two planets share the same degree they are in Graha Yuda, "Planetary War." Mars is the stronger of the two planets by virtue of being in its own sign Aries. Thus Mars overwhelms Venus: the significations of Venus suffer. This is not a good time for finding common ground or coming to agreement. Force (Mars) prevails over Compromise (Venus). Mars and Venus are in Graha Yuda from Saturday May 21 through Wendnesday May 23.
Mercury is still only a few degrees away from Mars; the planet of Reason and Rationality is likewise overwhelmed by the planet of Action. This three-planet combination is Impatient,Excited,Unreasonable, and Volatile. This energy pattern promotes Making Fast Decisions, but is also prone to Making Mistakes. Best course is to stick to routine activities this week. As Mercury pulls away from Mars its ability to be rational improves, especially after entering Taurus on May 30.
Mars with Jupiter in Aries is the planet of Aggression combining with the planet of Beliefs = Fighting for Your Beliefs. Mars and Jupiter have been together for a few months now, first in Pisces and now in Aries. The two gender planets, Venus plus Mars = Passion. Thus: the Fight for what you Believe gets Passionate. Plenty of that energy has been manifesting in the world lately, and there will not be any letup this week.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scorpio Full Moon, Mercury conjunct Mars

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, May 17, @ 2 deg. Scorpio. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Vaishaka. The Full Moon occurs in the lunar sign Vishakha, known for Victory; the Accomplishment of the Goal. Since the Full Moon is in a Mars-ruled sign, Scorpio, and Mars is simultaneously strong in its other sign Aries, this Full Moon will be powerful for Actions.
The nearly Full Moon will create a lot of activation for Events on Sunday and Monday while it transits through Libra, opposite to and thus adding energy to the grouping of planets (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in Aries. The planets in Aries form an energy package that demands swift and decisive action.
Mercury will be exactly conjunct Mars @ 13 deg. Aries on Friday May 20. As faster-moving Mercury advances in Aries it passes Venus on Monday and then overtakes Mars on Friday. All three planets are closely packed together this week, and can be seen along with Jupiter just before Sunrise on the Eastern Horizon. Mars in its own sign Aries is the strongest for effects. Mars gets encouragement from Jupiter. Mars planet of Combat + Jupiter planet of Beliefs makes people fight for their ideology. Mars overwhelms Venus and Mercury. The combination is not favorable for the significations of Venus or Mercury, i.e., don't expect rational and reasonable discussion (Mercury) or compromise and aggreement (Venus).

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Mars in Aries; Graha Yuda

Jupiter enters Aries on Sunday, May 8. By leaving Pisces Jupiter escapes from the restrictive influence of Saturn, which has opposed Jupiter from the other side of the zodiac for the past year. Jupiter also separates from disruptive Uranus, which remains behind in Pisces. Jupiter now joins Mars and Sun, already in Aries. These three planets are "friends" in Vedic Astrology, and in the proactive sign Aries they form a Dynamic Trio, poised for Action.
Venus and Mercury are exactly conjunct in the Heavens: for the next two weeks Venus and Mercury will be less than 1 degree apart. In Vedic Astrology this is called Grahu Yuda: Planetary War. The energies of the two planets are forced to combine, or fight, with each other. Currently Venus, being exalted in Pisces, has the upper hand: the planet of Pleasure and Entertainment prevails over the planet of Facts and Reason. During the past week the Media coverage of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden degenerated into hoopla and entertainment serving our purient interests, and had to compete with getting the facts straight with a rational clear-eyed assessment of the situation.
Venus and Mercury enter Aries together on Tuesday May 10. There they will join Jupiter in the first degree of Aries for Tuesday and Wednesday, adding more complication to the Graha Yuda. The overall effect is simultaneously extreme and confusing.
With so many planets together in one part of the zodiac, the significations of Aries are emphasized for the rest of May. The Pioneer Sign of the zodiac has plenty of energy for New Adventures, New Discoveries, New Projects. Jupiter's expansive quality encourages Mars to Leap Forward into Action. Hopefully Jupiter ("Guru") contributes some Wisdom to Mars' Actions. But Mars planet of War combining with Jupiter (Religion) also encourages Fighting for Beliefs. Now Venus joins in, adding Excitement and Passion. Meanwhile reasonable Mercury is completely overwhelmed by more powerful planets: the potential for Wise Decisions is Diminished and a Headlong Rush into Action predominates.
The overall pattern for the next few weeks is one of Optimism, Eagerness, Confidence, Independence...and a Willingness to Engage in Conflict if Opposed. Although the energy is favorable for starting new projects, there is a noticeable Lack of Reason and Caution.
The entry of a planet into the first degree of the zodiac is a special opportunity for asking for the help of that planet in your life. Jupiter, planet of Wisdom and Prosperity, passes through this point only once every 12 years. Thus, Sunday morning is an auspicious time for prayers and puja in favor of Jupiter (Sunday am in USA; Sunday evening in India). A simple ceremony is to light candle and incense and chant a mantra for Jupiter: "Aum Breem, Bri-hus-pa-tay namaha" for 108 times, while focusing on what you want Jupiter to help you with.