Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aries New Moon, Mars in Aries, Nodes Change Signs

The New Moon will be Monday, May 3, @ 18 deg. Aries. This marks the beginning of the Hindu month of Vaishaka, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Vishakha, on May 17. The lunar month carries the energy of Going Forth and Conquering the Enemy, Attaining Goals, and is good for Ceremonies and Celebrations.
Mars enters Aries on Tuesday May 3, just hours after the New Moon. Mars rules Aries; it's transit in this sign boosts all of Mars' significations. Mars contributes its forceful energy to the new lunar month. By leaving Pisces, Mars is no longer restrained by Saturn and no longer compromised by the energies of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, which remain in Pisces for another week. Mars joins with the Sun, already in Aries, a powerful combination of two Fire planets in a Fire Sign. The new energy pattern is strong for Independent Action, Seeking Challenges, and Pushing Aside any Obstacles. The downside is too much Impulsive, Hasty energy, missing the Details, being too Aggressive and Impatient. Mars wants Fast Results; Mars Needs Victory. Best use of the energy is to have projects to do that don't take much time to accomplish; careful of coming into conflict with others. The new energy pattern results in a big push to bring the various conflicts around the world to conclusion.
Rahu and Ketu are changing signs May 2-3: The Nodes of the Moon (crossover points of the apparent paths of the Sun and Moon in the Heavens) enter their new positions in the zodiac: Rahu leaves Sagittarius and enters Scorpio, Ketu leaves Gemini and enters Taurus (for details: get the new newsletter or listen to next week's podcast)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mercury goes Direct, Mars conjunct Jupiter and Mercury

The Mercury Retrograde period ends Saturday, April 23. Mercury will resume normal direct motion in the zodiac @ 18 deg. Pisces. It takes a week or so for the planet to get "back up to speed" so the problems of Mercury Retrograde (delays, miscommunications, etc.) can still linger for several more days.
Mars is now advancing into the late degrees of Pisces, joining forces with Jupiter. The exact conjunction of the two planets will be on April 30 @ 28 deg. Pisces. Jupiter, planet of Hope, encourages Mars, planet of Action, to push forward. Jupiter's Optimism plus Mars' need for Results leads to disregard for the Reality of the situation, symbolized by Saturn, opposite in Virgo.
Mercury, the planet of Logic and Data, is still heavily influenced by two of Astrology's "Natural Malefics," Mars and Saturn. The problem of getting the facts straight, and of getting the truth of the situation, persist into May. The association of Mars with Mercury puts the planet of Action and Impatience together with the planet of Thought leading to Hasty Decisions. Simultaneously the planet of Caution and Delay, Saturn, is putting the brakes on by being directly across on the other side of the zodiac. Saturn has its own agenda as well, and being retrograde, strongly opposes the Change and Progress that Mars and Mercury desire. The whole setup keeps up the continued Tension and Sense of Crisis until Mars moves into Aries in the first week of May.
Meanwhile, Venus is separating from its conjunction with Uranus in early Pisces and advancing into direct opposition with Saturn (the exact opposition will be April 30). Venus has a positive effect on Saturn's significations: the planet of Agreement helps the planet of The Established Order to come to Compromise giving some potential to resolve dilemnas during the coming week. But Saturn the planet of Realism and Restriction seriously limits Venus' significations of Value and Finance, with the Harsh Realities and Real Costs of the Global Monetary Situation.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Libra Full Moon, Mars Opposite Saturn, Mars conjunct Mercury, Venus conjunct Uranus

There are a lot of intense combinations of planets this week creating energy patterns prone to crisis and violence.
The Full Moon is on Sunday, April 17, @ 3 degrees Libra. This marks the culmination of the lunar month Chaitra, named for the lunar sign of the full Moon, Chittra. The Full Moon does not directly interact with planetary combinations in the Heavens, but by being in Libra it transfers its energy to Venus, which has entered Pisces, and therefore contributes energy to the other planetary combinations.
Mars is exactly opposite Saturn on Monday, April 18. The planet of Aggression, Conflict, and Destruction opposes the planet of The Established Order. The planet of Order and Control, Saturn, is in conflict with the planet of Action. Saturn is also retrograde, therefore strong and ultra-resistent to change. This planetary pattern has been getting stronger over the past several weeks. The energy of Mars is boosted by its association with Jupiter, planet of Hope and Belief, and now picks up the energy of Venus, which together with Mars adds Passion. The pressure on various Dictators and representatives of the Establishment gets no letup in the coming week. Likewise, those representing the Established Order do all they can to remain in power.
Mars is exactly conjunct Mercury @ 19 degrees Pisces on Tuesday April 19. Mercury represents Information and Reason and Decisions. But Mercury is retrograde and in a sign ruled by the emotions, Pisces. Now Mars, with its Impatience and need for Action, directly combines with a disadvantaged Mercury, leading to more Mistakes and Bad Decisions. The Mercury-Mars combination is simultaneously directly opposite Saturn, leading to a sense of Crisis. This week it is best to stick to routine actions, and avoid having to make any important decisions. Likewise, information and data, and the Media, tend to be wrong especially in intitial reports. This planetary pattern breaks up in early May.
Venus will be exactly conjunct Uranus on Friday, April 22, @ 8 degrees Pisces. The planet of Values and Finances combines with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events indicating a volatile week for the markets. Venus also represents the Entertainment Business and therefore Celebrities, combined with Uranus = some surprising probably scandalous news from that quarter.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Jupiter conjunct Mercury, Venus enters Pisces

Planets in Pisces are getting closer together this week: the energy pattern intensifies. Mars advances in Pisces and closes in on Jupiter. Meanwhile Mercury, traveling retrograde, is "backing up" towards Jupiter and Mars from the other end of Pisces. Saturn, also retrograde, creeps along in Virgo on the other side of the Heavens. Mars gets closer to exact opposition to Saturn this week, intensifying the energy pattern of Tension and Crisis.
Jupiter will be conjunct Retrograde Mercury @ 23 degrees Pisces on Monday, April 11: Jupiter is the planet of Truth and therefore Beliefs, strong in its own sign Pisces. Mercury is the planet of Data and Logic, and is disadvantaged by being Retrograde in Pisces, its sign of debilitation. Jupiter overwhelms the weakened Mercury: Logic takes a back seat to Ideology, as has been evident in the Budget Fight in the US Federal Government. Mercury the planet of Information and Media can't deliver clear and correct reports: Mistakes get made: the wrong people get bombed. Meanwhile Mars, planet of Aggression, contributes its forcefulness for Confrontation and Argument with more reliance on Belief than Reason.
Venus enters Pisces on Friday, April 15. The planet of Peace and Agreement is considered Exalted in Pisces. But not much can be done with the trainwreck of planets already in this sign. Instead we get Venus + Mars =Passion, adding more fuel to the fire.
Sun enters Aries on Thursday, Friday 14: The planet of Power and Authority, and therefore Governments, is exalted in this sign. Aries is a sign owned by Mars; the entry of the Sun into Aries adds more power for Mars. The energy for Solutions using Force is increased for the next four weeks.
The Moon enters Virgo on Friday, April 15, adding more energy on the Saturn side of the Mars vs. Saturn equation, which will increase the potential for Violent Events next Friday and through the weekend.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

New Moon in Pisces, Mars conjunct Uranus

Sunday, April 3, will be the New Moon, @ 19 deg. Pisces. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month Chaitra, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Chitra, that the full Moon falls in, on April 17.
The birth of this lunar month shows many troubling planetary combinations, indicating a difficult month overall.
The New Moon will be directly opposite Saturn, which is Retrograde in Virgo. The energy of the month is Directly Opposed to the Established Order, which itself is Strongly Resistant to Change, indicated by Saturn's retrograde condition.
The New Moon is conjunct within a couple of degrees of Jupiter, planet of Belief and Optimism, which is strong in its own sign Pisces, the sign of Hope and Faith. Jupiter's Belief and Optimism is likewise being Opposed by Saturn, "The Reality Check Planet."
Meanwhile, Mercury the planet of Reason and Logic, is now also retrograde, and still at the borderline of Pisces and Aries, hence gandant, i.e. very weak and malefic. Jupiter's Hope and Belief Overwhelm any potential for Logic and Reasonableness from Mercury.
Mars will be exactly conjunct Uranus on Sunday, April 3, @ 7 deg. Pisces. The planet of Confrontation, War, and Destruction conjoins with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events; an energy pattern prone to Disasters, Explosions, Unintended Consequences. Being coincident with the New Moon, this energy pattern also carries through the lunar month.
The overall prognosis is not good. Some of the results can already be seen: The Hope and Optimism of Jupiter vs. the Saturn Reality of a rather grave situation in Japan. The energy of a retrograde Mercury manifesting through misinterpreting, even misrepresenting, the data from radiation monitors enhancing the potential for an even greater disaster, indicated by the conjunction of Mars and Uranus. Meanwhile in the Middle East and Northern Africa countries, the energy for Violent Revolution (Uranus plus Mars) increases as the Established Order (Saturn) refuses to change and fights to maintain the Status Quo.
As the month progresses, Mars comes closer to direct opposition to Saturn. The Full Moon will coincide with an almost exact Mars-Saturn Opposition, and with retrograde Mercury simultaneously conjunct Mars, indicating an intensification and culmination of the build-up of events in the middle of the month.