Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns Retrograde on Wednesday, March 30, @ 0 deg. Aries. The planet of Communications appears to stand still in the Heavens, and then starts to move backwards through the Zodiac for the next three weeks (until April 23). Mercury Retrograde periods are well known for causing problems related to Mercury's significations. Everyday Activities tend to run into more snags than usual. Delays, Misunderstandings, Misinterpretation, Miscommunication, etc. are common.
Mercury is the planet of Business Transactions, so be especially careful of any money transfer: check your math, careful filling out the deposit slip, count your change, etc.
Mercury is the planet that signifies Equipment; equipment failures, and especially problems with communications equipment, computers, etc. tend to occur and cause more trouble than usual.
Mercury is the planet of The Media: the News will have more mistakes in it than usual.
New Projects begun while Mercury is retrograde will be perpetually plagued by Problems and Delays, etc. (i.e., the new project has Mercury retrograde in its birth chart). Therefore it is best to put off initiating important new work until Mercury returns to normal motion (after April 23).
This Mercury retrograde begins with Mercury at the doorstep of Aries, literally in the first degree of the zodiac. The borderline between two signs is considered a weak placement, and especially if the two signs are of incompatible elements, in this case the water sign Pisces and the Fire sign Aries (see previous post).
Mercury will be conjunct Mars during this Mercury Retrograde Period. Mars has entered Pisces as of Friday March 25. Mercury "backs into" Pisces on Saturday, April 2. The addition of Mars' energy adds an element Haste and Impatience, which results in even more Mistakes. With Mars, there is more tendency for Anger and Argument when things go wrong. Therefore it is worthwhile to Repeat Instructions, Get Verification of Data, Check to make sure that What Was Heard was What Was Intended, and be ready to counter your own or someone else's temper.
Due to Mars being conjunct Uranus, the energy for a "Blow Up" is very strong; i.e., the potential for Dramatic Events is strong for the next three weeks. Mars is also in Square Aspect to Rahu and Ketu (nodes of the Moon, the eclipse points) which adds Tension and creates the potential for difficult situations. Moon enters Pisces on Friday, April 1, piling on even more energy for events at the end of the week.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon opposite Uranus, Venus conjunct Neptune, Mars conjunct Uranus

The Full Moon is on Saturday, March 19, @ 4 deg. Virgo, approx 11 am PDT. This marks the culmination of energy for the lunar month of Phalguna. This Full Moon will be within one degree of exact opposition to Uranus, and simultaneously within one degree of square to Rahu and Ketu (nodes of the Moon: the eclipse points). The Full Moon is also within one degree of Square Aspect to last December's total lunar eclipse point. Additonally, this Full Moon is unusually close to the Earth, therefore stronger than normal for producing effects. The energy pattern indicates a lot of Tension this weekend, with a high probability of Sudden Events, Changes, and even Violence.
Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday, March 22, and immediately comes under the influence of Neptune, currently transiting @ 5 deg. Aquarius. Venus is one of the Guidance Planets, Aquarius is the sign of Social Movements, and Neptune is Dreams and Idealism. The dreams of people everywhere to have a better life in society are amplified by this combination. The exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune will be March 26. While changing signs Monday and Tuesday, the significations of Venus are Weakened: Financial Markets are Vulnerable, Agreements are Uncertain, Romance is Questioned.
Mars enters Pisces on Friday, March 25, and immediately comes under the influence of Uranus, transiting at 6 deg. Pisces. The combination of the planet of Action, Confrontation, War and Destruction, with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events increases the potential for Violence, both in Human Affairs and the Natural World. The situation with global movements, whether social or geological, gets intensified with this energy pattern. The two planets are in the water sign Pisces= sudden destructive Ocean and Weather Events. The exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus will be April 3. While changing signs Thurs-Friday, the planet of Action is Uncertain: not a good time to be starting anything of importance. In any case, Mars combining with Uranus over the next few weeks leads to Unexpected Consequences; best to stick to routine activities.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uranus Square Nodes, Mars aspecting Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter

During the Past Week, and continuing this week, Rahu and Ketu, the lunar Nodes, are in square aspect to Uranus. The Moon's nodes are the cross-over points of the apparent paths of the Sun and the Moon as seen from Earth. These are the eclipse points; in Vedic Astrology they are given status and power almost equal to the planets. It has been noticed that if there is a planet at the mid-point between the nodes, i.e., in 90 degree aspect to the two cross-over points, that planet is put under a lot of tension. Uranus is the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, and its position now a 5 degrees Pisces puts it exactly in 90 degree aspect relative to the nodes. This has been a contributing factor for Dramatic Events over the past week, ranging from Human Activites to Earth Events.
Mars is now in exact 8th house (210 degree) aspect to Saturn. In Vedic Astrology Mars is considered to send its full influence from its position to the 8th sign forward in the zodiac. The power of the Planet of War and Destruction influencing Saturn the planet of Established Order is reinforced by Mars transiting through Saturn's sign Aquarius, while simultaneously aspecting Saturn, currently retrograde, @ 21 degrees Virgo. Saturn, being retrograde, digs in its heels and tries to maintain the existing order. The energy shows up as various fights attempting to overthrow the existing government in several countries. This energy pattern continues strong through the coming week.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Jupiter on Tuesday, March 15 @ 17 deg. Pisces: The planet of Ideas and Logic is together with the planet of Enlargement and Optimism in Pisces, where Mercury is weak and Jupiter is strong (in its own sign). This results in Hopeful, but Illogical Ideas. Simultaneously, Mercury and Jupiter are opposite to Saturn, the Reality Check planet. The Optimistic Big Ideas of Overcoming Ghaddafi with Military Intervention, or Continuing to pass Deficit Enlarging Budgets, come face to face with The Reality of the Situation.

Comment: Would presence of Jupiter in Pisces create a neechbhanga yoga, cancelling out the debilitation of Mercury? Thanks.
Answer; Neechabanga, i.e., cancellation of debilitation (weakness of Mercury) occurs by several factors. But the nature of Mercury in Pisces remains the same. Mercury in Pisces is the planet of Logic and Discrimination in the sign of Faith and Universal Connection. This isn't good for Mercury, except perhaps to instill more unrealistic hope and optimism.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mercury enters Pisces

On Sunday, March 6, Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury is considered debilitated, i.e., weakened, in this sign. Pisces is one of the water signs, based on emotions and intuition, whereas Mercury is the planet of the Rational Mind, therefore Logic. Mercury cannot express itself so well in Pisces. Mercury moves swiftly, normally taking less than 3 weeks to transit through a sign. But this time Mercury will be in Pisces for more than 2 months: at the end of March, after going all of the way through Pisces, Mercury will turn retrograde, and go "backwards" through Pisces for three weeks, then turn direct, and transit Pisces for a third time, finally leaving the sign on May 10.
As soon as Mercury enters Pisces, its energy combines with that of Uranus, lurking at 5 degrees of the sign. Uranus the planet of Sudden Events, combined with Mercury planet of Communications, can give us Unexpected News. The exact conjunction will be Wednesday, March 9.
Mercury is also combining with Jupiter, which has been in Pisces for nearly a year. Jupiter represents the energy of Expansion and Increase, and with Mercury the planet of Mind = Big Ideas. Jupiter is also the planet of Wisdom and Truth, and Uranus is the planet of Sudden Realization; when combined with Mercury and the Piscean Intuition this 3-planet combination provides Inspiration and Enlightenment: the potential of enough minds (and the Media) arriving at some realization over the world's current problems during this coming week.